Monday, September 26, 2011

Life Lessons, Courtesy of Costco

Last week I found myself getting bogged down in the details of life. I'm subbing more than usual and long days away from home coupled with soccer practice, piano lessons, Girls On The Run, scouts and all the things that make our life our life left me feeling short tempered and wishful.

Wishful for a time when things would slow down.

Wishful for kids who still needed me, but maybe just a little less.

Wishful for a house that would clean itself, food that would show up on the dinner table and a bank account that would magically replenish whenever we needed it to.

And then I found myself at Costco, moving quickly and trying to make the most of my time. As I walked past the food court, my eyes found exactly what I needed to see.

Two little old ladies.

Sharing a slice of pizza.

Their faces etched with the lines of living. Wrinkled and spotted.

Tremendous smiles upon their faces.

One little lady reached out to the other and straightened her wig.

And they laughed and laughed and laughed.

And I knew by looking at them that they had lived very good lives. Lives full of laughter and sacrifice, memories and people. Houses that needed cleaning. Food that needed preparing. People that needed loving.

And even though I knew their lives had been happy ones, I also knew that they would have happily traded places with me. To find themselves young again, with details to look after. Children to tend and errands to run. To have the whole of their lives spread out ahead of them, just waiting to see what would come their way.

I walked away from those two little old ladies, a smile on my face and a perspective in my heart.

How lucky am I to be busy.

To have work to do.

A home to clean.

Meals to prepare.

People to love.

How lucky am I to have decisions to make and the time to get it right. I'm not often a perfect parent. I don't always say the right things or do the right things but I have time. Time to improve and do better. Do more. Love better. Be who I'm supposed to be.

How lucky am I.


Megan said...

for reals, for reals.
maybe exactly what i needed to hear this morning, as i have been up all night with a sick baby and am now mopping floors, while i wish i could just sleep.

Mimi said...

Who knew costco is so much more than bulk toliet paper and supersized cans of tuna! I love that you look for inspiration where ever you go!

GS said...

This is one of your best posts and you are so right. Cherish every minute in your crazy life. More time alone? More sleep? Be careful what you wish for.

Amy said...

I can't wait until I'm an old lady adjusting Maile's wig in costco! I wonder if I really will wish I as young again, or if I will be so happy to not be busy. It's hard to tell right now when I feel so busy that I have dreams about moving to the country and homeschooling my kids!!!

Oh, and I didn't enter your giveaway, even though I wanted to, because I felt weird since you are my good friend. Isn't that strange of me? But the next time you have one, I will, and I won't feel weird when I win!!! ha ha. love ya!

tharker said...

One of your best posts yet. Enjoy the crazy, because I have a feeling one day we will want it back. Love you!

Kelly said...

Great perspective. I hope someday It'll be us sitting across from eachother straightening eachother's wigs. So funny! If only those sweet little ladies knew what an inspiration they were to you.

almond nuthouse said...

I adore little old ladies and little old grandpas! I love the insight this gave you, and many others. Great post and great perspective!