Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pretty Please, One More Time

Well kids, my cup runneth over.  I'm so grateful for all the families that braved the cold last night and came and donated to our little family service project.  It always amazes me that when my friends give, they give BIG and I just love that.  We have so many coats & blankets & food to give away to those in need and it makes me feel so good. I wish I could do it every day.  

Check this out.  

The best babysitter ever, the amazing Carra, seriously saved my bacon yesterday and while she was here, she told me of a customer that came into the store earlier that day.  (She works at a local grocer.)  He bought $1000 worth of gift cards to give away to random people that he came across in the next few weeks.  How cool is that? Someday, I'm gonna get there and do the same thing but until then, I'll keep relying on the kindness of my friends to make a little difference.  Thanks guys, really and truly, it means so much to me.  

Now I just need one more thing from you....

My inspiring friend Marilyn is throwing another amazing concert this Saturday and could use our help.  Ticket sales have been a little slower than she anticipated and while she is carrying on with her head held high, I know we can help her out.  And this is a total win-win for you because you'll get to spend an evening with the enchanting Mindy Gledhill.  Her Christmas album is so refreshing and light and we love listening to it at our house.  Tickets are more than reasonable so please, PLEASE, grab your honey for a date or take the whole family and fill up on Christmas spirit.  I've seen Mindy before and loved every second.  Mindy is worth it and so is Marilyn so please spread the word and create a beautiful night for your family. 

I promise I'll stop asking you for stuff now but I can't help it when it's important to me or important to my friends.  Grab your tickets today and spread the word!

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