Friday, March 30, 2012

If Only I'd Just Won The Superbowl

Last Friday was my last day of work.  Six long weeks of early mornings for my kids and tired nights for me.  This working mom stuff is no joke.  It sucks on a whole different level and while I'm so grateful I had the chance to do it, for the money, for the perspective, for the lessons it taught my kids, I'm so thankful to be done.  

For awhile.  

To celebrate the fact that our family successfully endured the Mama Goes To Work For Six Weeks Straight Fiasco of 2012, we took the kids out to dinner. 

That in itself is sort of a big deal around here because, dinner for 6?  At a restaurant where you eat on real plates instead of a plastic tray of some sort?  Well, that could send you looking for another six week job.  My growing kids have growing appetites and dinner out doesn't come cheap but The Rizz and I were so proud of how they handled themselves (mostly) during my job and wanted to reward them.  

We also had some news up our sleeves that we were dying to share with them. 

Ok, I was dying to share it because I have been thinking about it daily for the last year of my life.  The Rizz?  Not so much.  He is super stoked, don't get me wrong but boys apparently just don't think about things until they are actually happening.  Reason #276 why Boys Are Weird.  I clued the waitress in on our plans and gave her some special cups to bring the kids' drinks out in.  While we waited, we started talking to the kids about what we should do with the money I had earned.

"Can we go back to Seaside this summer?"

"Can we go to Silverwood again?"

I felt like Oprah for a moment, urging my kids to dream bigger.  Skies the limit, what have they always wanted to do, yadda, yadda.

Hannah was the first to say it.


Just then our waitress appeared with four Sprites poured into four Mickey Mouse cups.

The kids looked at us.

Then at the cups.

Then at each other.

Then back to us.

Brad chimed in with "really guys, we're going to Disneyland!"

Their reaction?


This is where I like to believe that they were too stunned for words, too overcome with joy and exhilaration that they were literally dumbfounded.  And maybe they were but  the reactions you see on those Disneyland commercials left me wanting A Big Reaction.  With jumping and screaming and tears of joy. 

That's not what we got.

But as it sank in, they got more and more excited.

And while I'm so stoked for our Disney adventure, I'm even more stoked for this vacation that Disneyland is really only a small part of.  The Rizz and I have been planning and saving for this for months and we've got quite an itinerary on our hands.

Ready for it?

Lake Shasta
San Francisco 
Anaheim/Los Angeles
San Diego
Tuscon, Arizona
Grand Canyon
Hoover Dam 
Las Vegas
Provo/Salt Lake

Four weeks.  Seven states.  A gagillion miles and a whole bunch of crossing things off on our family bucket list.  I know to most this sounds like a heinous endeavor but to us, it's perfection.  The Rizz and I have always been firm believers in making memories with our kids that will last a lifetime and I know, for better or worse, they'll be talking about this one forever. 


Kelly said...

We've surprised the boys twice with Disneyland trips and both times we experienced the "silence" you described. I think it's just so shocking and unreal for them... it just has to sink in before the celebration can surface. :) I wish I could hop in your suitcase for your road trip. This is a trip they will measure other trips against in the future. Memory Maker for sure!

GS said...

I still think this pictures says it all.

Cathy said...

Sienna is already talking about it. she described the whole thing to me, four weeks, grand canyon, disneyland etc. Sounds like so much fun!

Tracy said...

It does sound like perfection!

tharker said...

I'm so excited for you all!! But PLEASE tell me you'll include The Redwoods in your adventure! They are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen

Just wanted to wish you the happiest of birthdays.

Kathleen & Ken