Monday, April 30, 2012


Dear Spence,

On Saturday, April 28th, you turned 12 years old.  

I still can't really believe that it happened, that you, my first born, are creeping so close to the edge of adulthood.  This past year has been one of tremendous growth for you, both physically and emotionally, and I couldn't be prouder of the young man that you are.  

On Friday we snuck away for a little date and I loved that when you first got in the car and I said that we were going out, you said "Thanks for taking me mom.  I'm sure wherever it is, I'll really love it."  This pretty much sums you up to perfection.  So kind, so thoughtful, effusive with the please's and thank you's.  You are a mother's dream. 

I know I've said it again and again, but mothering you has been one of the greatest joys in my life.  You broke me into motherhood gently and have been so patient with me ever since.  I'm so grateful that you were given to me first, to learn with and grow with and above all else, that you are the example for your brother and sisters.  They sure do love you. 

At 12-years--old, you are full of life.  Your whole face lights up when you smile, which you do easily and often.  You are developing a sense of humor that thrills me and I often turn to your Dad and smile at the witty thing you've just said.  Your tastes and interests are all grown up now but you will fall to your knees and play with your baby brother at the drop of a hat.  He idolizes you.  It's so easy to see why.  

You've always been acutely aware of the needs of others and this is gift that I know was given to you specifically.  It showed on Saturday when your sweet sister Hannah who, after having had a particularly hard day, offered you a present that she had made herself.  She was a bit shy about it, knowing that it couldn't compete with the gift cards and video games that your friends had brought but she was proud of what she made for you.  And when she handed over two drawings that she had done, just for you, you fawned over them like they were the coolest gifts ever.  She beamed.  She glowed. She radiated a happiness that had been missing for awhile.  And here's what I want you to know for your 12th year:  you did that.  You gave her the gift of feeling good about herself, of being proud of what she can do and if you continue to do that, giving others the chance to feel good and shine, you will live a most blessed life. 

You are the sun and the moon to me Spence.  I couldn't be more proud, more happy, or more in love with the kid that you are choosing to be. 

Happy Birthday.



Dallin, Ashley and Claire said...

He is truly an amazing young man. I totally choked up when I read the reaction he had to Hannah's gift. Happy birthday, Spence, you're amazing!

Melanie said...

i thought we talked about making me cry at school? what a sweet, sweet boy. happy birthday SPENCE!!

Tracy said...

An amazing boy! Happy Birthday Spencer!!!

Trevor and Sara said...

That was a beautiful post, Karen. You are not allowed to make me cry at school. Happy Birthday to your boy/man! :)

kelly said...

Happy Birthday to one of the very best, most handsome, kindest, and most thoughtful 12 year olds I've ever known. Spencer, you make this world a better place young man!