Monday, May 07, 2012

Monday Morning Ramblings

Do you see that over there? --------------------------------------------------------------->

That's where you can register for the sweetest little 5k ever.  And while I'm so excited about all the buzz it's getting (thanks facebook! And twitter!  and fellow bloggers!) I've only officially sold ONE ticket which is making this girl a bit nervous.  And even though that runner will have the time of her life as she is decked out in all 400+ pieces of glowing awesomeness that we've ordered, I'd really like to sell a few more tickets.   So can you help a girl out?  Clickety click your way to an awesome event for an awesome cause.  Pretty please? 

In other news, today ends our Six Kid Experiment and I have to say, we sort of rocked it.  Not just the Rizz and I (although we totally did) or Grandma (although she has been amazing) but all 9 of us together.  When we tucked the kids in last night, Miss Kaiya said to the Rizz "tonight's the last night you're my dad!"  and it feels that way, truly.  Like we've just added these two girlies into our family and loved on them like our own.  It hasn't been all sunshine and roses, I assure you (can you say four overly-dramatic girls getting ready for school?) but it has been fun.  And it proved that our kids are flexible and better at sharing than than we might have thought, and that it's never hard to make room for more people to love and that it really does take a village.  As usual, Grandma saved the day on more than one occasion and we're so grateful for that. 

In other, other news, we walked around the corner last night to some friends for dinner and I'm still drooling a bit.  Navajo Taco's with homemade Fry bread which I've officially decided is The-Food-I-Would-Want-To-Sustian-Me-If-Ever-Trapped-On-A-Desserted-Island.  It was that good.  Why haved I never made that before?  Why isn't it a staple in my house?  How have I made it through these past 37 years?  I'm getting to the bottom of it, pronto. 

Melanie, my fellow Boob, met up with me Saturday morning to map the route for the GLOW run.  We thought we had it all figured out before we got there and it turns out, we didn't.  We ran this way, and then back that way, and then over there and then up and around that way one more time.  It was windy and funny and a bit painful because of my stupid shin but we managed.  Two thoughts on that: 1)  running is still hard for me. 2) Running with a friend makes it so much better. 

I've got a few days left at the high school this week and I'm anxious for some normalcy.  Bring on the sweatpants and mid-afternoon HGTV! 

Finally, last week I taught a class at church on organization.  I rambled and went way too long and made an arse of myself as I generally do but loved every second.  And then yesterday?  When I forgot it was my week to teach and was completely unprepared and even forgot to bring snack?  And my class glared at me with the face that only a four-year-old can make when their snack has been forgotten?  It all made me laugh.  (Note:  review notes from organization class STAT)

Happy Monday kids.  Happy GLOW-Run-Registration-Makers-Monday!


Melanie said...

I think I would take 6 kids, windy crazy runs, and dramatic girls in a morning ritual over hungry 4 year olds. The thought of them glaring you down makes my skin crawl.
Not you though- like I said, you make it look easy!

::lindsay said...

You Rock! Thanks so much. Love you.

Tracy said...

You are the master of all things! You never cease to amaze me. I am happy to call you a friend and your glow run is going to ROCK! No worries!!!