Thursday, September 06, 2012


(Coronado Island, San Diego, July, 2012)

15 years of me & him. 

15 years of belly laughs.  Cute kids.  Date nights.  Back rubs.  Cycling.  Planning.  Dreaming.  Wrestling.  Occasionally fighting.  For reals.  Being excited.  Crying at movies (him, not me) Late night ice cream.  Magic Shell for me, butterscotch for him.  Friends who've become family.  Kids who've become people we love to hang out with.  A romance we keep fighting for.  15 years of not a perfect life, but a perfect life for us. 

Best thing I've ever done was choosing him as my partner.

Happy Anniversary, Bug.  


Dallin, Ashley and Claire said...

I want my 15th anniversary to essentially say the same things as you have said. You and Brad are the best example of what a real marriage is and I love seeing the two of you interact. Happy 15! Hoping you two love birds get to go away for the weekend!

Melanie said...

happy anniversary you crazy lovely people you!

Tracy said...

Sweet. You two are the best!!