Friday, December 14, 2012

A Christmas Give-Back Like No Other

I've always been grateful that my husband chose the profession that he did because it felt safe to me.  He wasn't a police officer or a fire fighter.  I didn't have to worry about him serving in the military and fighting wars in faraway places.  The walls of a school provided protection for everyone inside.  They formed a place of learning, where adults spent their time giving their best to our children and children showed up, carrying only the fear of a bad grade. 

That's what I used to think.  

We know it's not true anymore.  

I can't wrap my brain around the events of today in Connecticut.  I couldn't do it about Columbine either.  Things happen that we aren't meant to understand.  My brain knows that.  My heart, not so much.  

I was excited this morning to hop on here and invite everyone over Monday night for the Fifth Annual Christmas Give-Back.  It's one of my favorite traditions that my family and I do each year and I love the conversations I have with my kids about service and love of others and the true meaning of Christmas.  This year, I was planning on focusing on the needs of children and was hoping to collect diapers, blankets, formula, etc to children in need.  

My heart has since been pulled in a slightly different direction.  


Here's what I'm asking:  please come Monday night.  Please load up your family and stop in.  The hot chocolate will be ready.  Some treats just for you.  And all I want you to bring is a letter, or a card, or a picture your children drew that we can send to the grieving community of Sandy Hook Elementary.  I know it doesn't seem like a lot and maybe it's not as important as diapers, but letting those poor families know that they are not alone and that we, all the way over here in P-town, Washington are grieving right along with them just might help.  It might put a smile where one hasn't been.  It might start a conversation that needs to be had.  It might uplift someone who is feeling so incredibly low.    I can't imagine the state of my heart if this had happened to my child.  I can imagine the love I would feel knowing that others were thinking of them too. 

If you have something else, a poem or a picture or whatever it may be that has comforted you in times of great sorrow, please bring it along as well.  I'm hoping to collect a mountain of written prayers and cards of love to send off.  

Friends, hold your kids.  Hug your spouse.  Tell them how you feel, directly, about each person in your family.  And pray.  For comfort, for peace, for understanding.  

See you Monday. 


Kelly said...

The world needs more Karen Johnsons... I love you and everything your caring heart dreams up. I would love to send a letter or picture your way to include. I couldn't stop crying yesterday...such a trajedy in such a peaceful and happy place. Count me in.

Melanie said...

We will be there. I just made 26 cards. My kids, Tony and I will write in them tonight. It feels better to do something.