Thursday, January 10, 2013

Things I Need My Daugthers To Know, Sooner Rather Than Later

*This was originally written last weekend.  I thought I would re-visit it and rearrange my thoughts but have since decided that this is how I really felt and I want to be true to that.  I'm pretty sure a version for my boys is coming soon. 

Our day didn't end well.  

And rather than harping on who did what or how poorly I reacted, I'm writing it out. Not that sad story of what led us here, to me, pounding away on the keyboard late one Saturday night, but the lessons I'm trying to teach, the things I need them to know, the mistakes I'm continuing to make, and what it's all for.  

1.   Your sister is the longest the relationship you will ever have and is not an experience afforded to    everyone.
2.   When kindness reigns, anger flees.
4.   You will one-day miss the confines of the room you share.  
5.   Friends will disappoint you but the safety of your sister will always carry you through.
6.   Crazy mode can drive the rest of us batty but is the memory-maker of your childhood.
7.   Serving your family with a happy heart will change the way you live your life. 
8.   There is no one in the world you more closely resemble, on the inside, than your sister.
9.   Being angry is ok.  It's what you do with that anger that shows who you really are.
10.  Forgiveness is key.  Forgetting is the obstacle.
11.  There will come a time when no matter what happens to you, your sister will be the first person you think of to call and share it with.
12.  When my frustrations get the better of me, know that it is because of a weakness in my spirit and not yours.
14.  I know who you are.  And I'm proud.
15.  You can't gain self confidence from anyone else.  It is something you have to find within you and let shine forth.
16.  People do stupid things.  You will too.  Learn and do better.
17.  Never underestimate the power of the words "I'm sorry."
18.  Ice cream sometimes really helps.
19.  Don't be afraid to say what you need.
20.  Trust your gut.  In rarely disappoints.
21.  Laugh.
22.  Cry.
23.  Take care of yourself.
24.  Never let your last word be one of anger.  Get over yourself and always part on good terms.
25.  The work of a mother is the hardest possible work.  It is also the most divinely given and what will bring you the most joy.
26.  Fight for those who need a fighter.
27.  Lean on each other.  Be vulnerable.
28.  Show your brothers what a strong woman is.  Be their example of what to look for.
29.  Ask for help when you need it.
30.  Be each others cheerleader.  Always offer your love and support.  Let it be known that you are always in each others (and your brother's) corner.
31.  Listen the first time.
32.  Don't wait to be told.  Look for ways to help.
33.  When given something, whether is be new socks or the latest video game, treat it with respect and take care of it.  Someone sacrificed to make sure you have it.
35.  Smile.  Show the world who you are.
36.  Decide right now that your glass is half full.  Look at what you have and not what you don't.
37.  Be smart.  Study.  Put in the work.  No one's academic career is more important than yours.
38.  Watch your father.  His example will teach you more than you ever imagined.
39.  Read.
40.  Do something nice for each other every day.  Don't seek out praise.  This habit will make into the type of women I already know you'll be.
41.  Spend time with your brothers, especially Spencer.  He'll be gone before we know it.
42.  Get yourself organized.  Tend to your room and keep it orderly.
43.  Know what's expected and when you're unsure, ask.
44.  Start now being the person you want to be.
46.  Feel joy.  You were meant to be happy.
47.  Pray.  For yourself and each other. Often.
48.  Never doubt all of us who are cheering for you.
49.  Hold your head high.  Don't let the insecurities of others become your own.
50.  Love with your whole self.  Hold nothing back. 

Above all, be kind.  To yourselves, to each other, to the world around you.  We are in desperate need of more kindness and I know that it lives within each of you.  Use what you've been given and change the world my girlies. 


Amy said...

I love this!!! I'm sharing it on facebook my dear. Your words of wisdom are EXACTLY what I needed today. Love you!

Kelly said...

This is another shining example of why I think you still need to live next door to me. You are the BEST, your girls are amazing and will, without a doubt, live up to this list of wise words. Although, I have to say that ice cream ALWAYS helps. :)

Love you!

Melanie said...

Powerful list. Number 28- GAH! I never thought of it that way.

Tracy said...

wow, so true!