Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It Already Is

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Last night when I crawled into bed, I laid very still.

Brad could sense it, my unease, hovering just inches below the covers that I had pulled so tightly around me. 

We had a nice day.  He worked and I worked. Lunch together. No homework for Spence (worth celebrating!) and rained out practice for he and Sienna.  A new family over for dinner.

The day should have been ranked as an above-average Monday.  Worth celebrating as a few "that's sure nices" where thrown our way.

But then.  Then the big bad world reared it's ugly head and did it's best to ruin it. 

Something about me:  I have a physical reaction 99% of the time to upsetting news.  My stomach churns, my head pounds and shivers run through me.  So when the news of Boston and Utah found their way to me, my reaction was physical.  I couldn't get warm  and stop myself from shaking.  Tears threatened to fall at any moment.  And the pain in my stomach was sudden and consuming.

My emotional reaction to the bad in the world is also always the same: to run.  Gather up my kids and run awy with them and Brad.  Find a nice little spot for us to call our own and spend our days together where I know they are safe.  The idea feels both logical and illogical and my rational brain knows better, but if my children and the children of the world can't be safe at school or a movie or the sidelines of a marathon, where can they be? 

Brad is used to this reaction in me and did what he always does; held me close, reminded me of all the good in the world and told me it would be ok. 

I won't lie...I had a hard time falling asleep but when I did, I dreamt of the good stuff.  My happy kids and our healthy bodies.  How people keep showing up day after day and doing the right thing.  And when I woke this morning, I decided that this is where evil stops and hope reigns supreme. 

I'm not going to give the bad guys another moment of my time.  I'm not going to run and hide.  I'm not going to drive Spence to the bus stop or stop my kids from going to the park and promote the fear that these types of people are banking on me to promote. 

I'm going to hold my head high and live out loud, just like always.  I'm going to cheer on my kids at soccer games and tennis matches, and yell out as many "good jobs!" to the other kids that I can.  I'm going to know that I can count on my friends to fill in the gaps that I often create and more than anything, I'm going to love on my kids and The Rizz like there's no tomorrow.

Cause maybe there isn't. 

But you won't find me cowering in my shell. You'll see me standing tall, smile on my face, knowing that the good far outweighs the bad and that heros exist everywhere.  You'll see me throwing as much love out into the world as I can and praying that some of it lands on the people who need it most. You'll see me teaching my kids that the only way to change things is to show up and fight for what you believe, to love those you come in contact with and to wear a smile more than anything else. 

We took a blow today, you and I.  We faltered for a moment and lost sight of what's most important. But our strength is returning and we're ready to say that love wins, that good people will change the world and that we're ready for battle. 


Melanie said...

Living out loud with a smile on your face is the only Karen I know! I wouldn't want it any other way. Keep up the awesome example (and thanks for filling in my gaps)

Kelly said...

I know exactly how you feel. It's hard to comprehend the evil that some sick people are capable of doing. But you are so right; the good does outweigh the evil. Gotta remember to live life to it's fullest and finest with a big ol' smile. :)