Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Dear Austin,

Really?  Five years old?  How in the world did that happen?

Here's the funny thing about you:  I never knew that we needed you.  We weren't planning on having you, not in the least and then one day, I knew.  Knew that there was a sweet little boy waiting to come to our family and once I knew, there was no turning back.  

Your dad was a little harder to convince but once he met you, well, there's nothing that could keep you two apart.  You are exactly what our family needed and you bring the rest of us so much happiness.  In a lot of ways, you are the baby to not just our family but several of our friends as well and the love that surrounds you is immeasurable.  You captivate everyone you meet and I'm told again and again what an amazing little man you are.  

I couldn't agree more.  

I was worried about the eight years that separates you and Spencer but the two of you have closed that gap like it's not even there.  To say that you love your big brother is like saying
the sky is blue;  you follow his every move and try your best to keep up.  Luckily, Spence feels the same way and rarely tires of your constant shadow.  I love watching the two of you together as you take on the world around you. 

And then there's the girls.  Hannah is a second mama to you and you love the way she cares for you.  Sienna can give you a run for your money but I often find the two of you wrapped up in some world you've created together.  One of my favorite things in the relationship you four kids have with one another.  It fortifies me to know that you will always have each other to love and lean on. 

As for me, well, you are my perfect little companion.  I love that you get excited about everything, both big and small and that in so many ways you're fearless.  I love that you still carry that blue blanket with the giraffe on it wherever you go and always look for me to snuggle with.  I love that your face falls into dimples when you smile which you do most of the time.  I love that are the perfect five-year-old blend of big kid and little kid and that you know your Mama loves you more than the air she breathes.  

You are the exact thing I never knew I wanted and I thank my lucky stars for you everyday. 

Happy Birthday, Auzzie.  



Amy said...

I love this Karen! It is a pretty similar story to Nora, who will be 5 in a month! How did our babies grow up so fast? How am I going to handle her being at school all day?

I love that your kids love each other so much. It is a special gift you have been given:)

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday to Auzzie and those lady killer dimples!