Thursday, November 07, 2013


Dear Hannah,

My darling girl with the big, round eyes that look so much like mine and those amazing dimples that look just like your dad, you are perfectly, beautifully you.  And today you celebrate the joy of being 11. 

11 years of crinkling up your nose when you laugh, which you do easily and often. 

11 years of taking everything to heart, allowing both the good and the bad of the world to influence you deeply. 

11 years of learning to be a wonderful big sister to Sienna and Austin but also knowing that following the lead Spencer has set for you is always a great idea. 

11 years of loving all things girly, with nail polish and earrings and boots galore.  You are certainly your mother's daughter.

11 years of planning parties and celebrations and get togethers, knowing that life is more fun when you share it with family and friends.  You are certainly your father's daughter. 

But most importantly, 11 years of learning that you are a daughter of Heavenly Father and that he loves you exactly as you are. 

Because exactly as you are is exactly what this world needs.  What our family needs.  We may butt heads, we may not see eye to eye, but we also know without a doubt that we were made for each other. 

I love you so much sweet Hannah. 

Happy Birthday.


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