Monday, July 03, 2006

Chinese Water Torture Has Nothing On This

I really dont see what the problem is. You hear all these stories about governments the world over having a hard time getting information from the enemies they capture. Here's what I suggest: take each so-called enemy, fill both of the ears with water and wait. Those poor souls will be singing their stories in no time! I mean, I have given birth three times over and this stinkin' ear of mine may be more painful. Or I may be the biggest wimp on the planet. Either way, I may contact the FBI about a job.

And to make matters worse, it's supposed to be 102 degrees here today. Sure would be nice to have a pool to swim in....

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Kelly "the not so good runner" said...

Good gracious! I hope your ears are feeling better soon. We've got some serious triathloning to do next week chick. I like your idea of contacting the FBI, they need a gal like you on their side.