Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It's Like Losing a Limb

So here I am. Going about my day. Cleaning. Laundry. Taking part in the stuff of life when I think to myself "I'll check in on my sister-in-law, Tiffany, and see what her blog has to say." What it says, I'll tell you, is nothing less than blasphemy of the highest order. She had the gall to say that my other sister-in-law, Jen, who has many fabulous talents in her own right, may be the funniest person in the family. You can imagine my shock and horror!

Now, I dont take pride in many things. I wouldn't consider myself a prideful person. But when it comes to being funny, I ROCK. I could emit a giggle from one of those stuffy chaps in uniform guarding the Queen's castle if given the chance, that's how good I am.

I mean, I play along with the family. I pretend that my brother-in-law Matt is a funny fellow and even give props to my husband when he makes a clever quip. But it's only because I'm such a nice girl that I do that. Deep down, we all know where true humor lives.

I'll give her a chance to take it back and rightfully put me back in my place as the funniest one in the family. It's a title I hold dearly and I wont be mocked. Until then, she's dead to me.


Shakespeare said...

You know, research has shown that people usually think they're funnier than they really are ;)

Lady Ann said...

I can't really attest to whether or not you are the funniest person in the Johnson family, although family pride tells me that you probably are. You certainly account for most of the chuckles in my life. However, in the Soares family, I am the clear winner. I taught you everything you know, mostly while you were trying desperately not to be like me in any way. I've screwed up a lot, and clearly, I haven't had much to laugh about lately, but my sense of humor is alive and well and will re-surface shortly.
....... your Mother

Anonymous said...

Well you are pretty hilarious.... I'll side with you on that. By the way are you getting paid to blog? You are really good at that too, you might as well make some money while entertaining the world. hb

Anonymous said...

Only having been around the whole Johnson clan a couple of times I think I can say that you are at the top of the funny chain. But I guess that does make me a little bias but who cares right! I mean who else can compare not being the funniest person to losing a limb? A fair assesment I think.-tharker-

Kelly said...

I can say with authority, that you are by far one of the funniest people I know. I've known you for 28 years and you've been making me laugh out loud with tears in my eyes since I met you. Don't worry if you have competition in the Johnson family, you are still number one in my eyes! KS

Anonymous said...

Your husband is way funnier than you.