Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dream A Little Dream With Me

Have you ever woken from a dream only to find yourself completely confused by your overnight thoughts? I would love to know how dreams really work...why we dream what we do, where it all comes from, what it means. It's so fascinating. Actually, I take that back. I have no real interest in knowing the hows and whys of our REM induced stories. I'm just intrigued by my latest dream.

It went a little something like this:

As most of you know, I have three girlfriends who are very near and dear to me. We share just about everything. My dream starts with all of us gathered (Christy, Erica, Michele and me) for the impending birth of Christy's first child (who was born a little over a month ago.) As Christy goes into full blown labor, it's decided that Erica and Michele will escort her to the hospital and I will stay with all the other kids (my three, Erica's two and Michele's one.) They promise to call me as soon as she gets close so I can get to the hospital to be there for the actual birth, which is something I have made every pregnant lady within a 30 mile raidus promise me. (I seem to have some sick fascination with childbirth.)

Anyway, I wait anxiously at home, tending to the children, waiting for them to call. They never do. Finally, after a gazillion hours, there's a knock on the door. I answer it to find Christy's neighbor standing there with a print out of some baby pictures. THE baby pictures. Kayla's picture's to be exact and as I stand there bewildered, the neighbor says politely "I thought you'd want to see some pictures of Kayla." Completely confused, I ask when she was born. "About 12 hours ago" is her reply.

Let's just say I'm PISSED.

I shut the door, slam around the house and get myself ready to head to the hospital to have it out with Erica and Michele. (I let Christy off the hook since she was techincally busy with the whole push-the-baby-out thing.)

Once I'm at the hospital, I go to Christy's room only to find all of them there cooing over Miss Kayla. Erica and Michele won't make eye contact with me and Christy is struggling to find something to say. Finally, Christy asks to speak to me in the other room. (Fast recovery, apparently.) We head to an adjoining suite (Chris seems to have given birth at the local Marriott) for a chat. This is what she says: "We know you're pissed and we're sorry, but we didn't want you to be here because you're Mormon and you say weird things."

Um, what?

"And," she continues, "your hair is completely jacked and you need to get it done."

Excuse me?

Then LITERALLY a poof of smoke comes out of nowhere and my friend Rebecca, who's a hairstylist, appears from nowhere and says "your hair really is jacked and I'm here to fix it."

I sit down and get my hair done while Christy continues to tell me all the weird things that I say because I'm Mormon and not just because I'm, well, weird.

Dream over. Wake up time.

ISN'T THAT TRULY BIZARRE????? I woke up laughing, trying to figure out how it all came together but not really caring at the same time. I guess it doesn't matter so much what happens in your dreams as long as you have something to dream about, which for me is three fantastic friends who happen to think I'm weird but love me all the same. It makes for a good night's rest no matter how you slice it.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't a dream..... Just kidding, your hair looks fabulous! I do love that I appeared in a cloud of smoke though. Reminds me of "Beauty School Drop-Out" from Grease. REBECCA

Puerto Rican Princess said...

I know, that's what I thought of too! It was such a funny dream!