Sunday, August 20, 2006

Thank You, Small Businesses of America

My son Spencer is a genius. Seriously, we're talking Einsteintonian intelligence. When he learns something it's like he's known it forever. It clicks in his brain and away he goes. Brad and I have had a great time watching his little mind in action for the past few years, especially when he discovered reading. Once he figured out how sounds can go together, he has been able to read almost any word that is put in front of him. He's been reading for quite some time now but still, it's fascinating.

Whenever we find ourselves in the car, Spence will ask us questions based on the signs he sees around us. Usually, our dialogue goes something like this:

"Mom, how come we always go into Wal-Mart under 'Low Prices' and not 'Food Center?"

"Mom, we should go to the Trac this weekend because McCurley Motors is having a Gigantic Rig sale at 4.9% APR."

"Mom, did you know that West Pasco Dental is offering new patients a free Zoom treatment?"

(Ok, hilarious sidebar: Spence literally just came into the room to see what I was doing and read the above to me perfectly!)

Anyway, as I was saying, his reading skills offer me a lot of silent laughter as I drive around town. Until last weekend. We were in Boise visiting Brad's family and were headed to Uncle Matt's photography studio to get some family pictures taken. As we drive along Spence is, as usual, reading to us.


"Furniture Row"

"Treasure Valley Bank"

"Adult Shop. Over 18 only."

You heard me right. Brad and I looked at each other while trying desperately not to laugh and hoping that Spence wouldn't ask any questions. But he did, starting with the obvious one:

"Mom and Dad, what's an adult shop?" Neither of us knew what to say so luckily Spence figured it out for himself. "It must be a store where adult's go to see other adults."

Bascially, yes and since he moved onto the next sign, we let it go. I know I've been told time and time again to monitor my son's reading material, but I didn't know that meant adding black-out shades to my car's windows.


Parenting Diva said...

Oh sure, blame Boise. How about a good solid "Mom - what do we do at the casino?" for you Tri-City folks! :-D

Puerto Rican Princess said...

Ok, as we were driving to the fair last night, Spence asked "Dad, what's the Cable Bridge Casino?" I CRACKED up!!!

Your a mind reader...