Sunday, August 27, 2006

I Couldn't Make This Stuff Up

Last night, while at dinner with some girlfriends, the following phrases authentically came up in our conversation:

"Just because he's crippled doesn't mean he gets to beat other children."

"Are you sure you're putting it in the right hole?"

"At least your daughter doesn't look like Joe Dirt!"

"Stop being a Tijuana crackwhore and tell us!"

So it's not just me that says inappropriate and funny things. I may do it more than the average person, but it's not just me.

I just wanted to clarify.


Tharker said...

Ok,so last night when I should have been happily dozing in dream land all I could hear in my mind was someone saying crack whore over and over again! I couldn't stop laughing to myself. Also glad that I could provide at least a couple of the classic lines from the night! Thanks for a fun night out, it was a great birthday! thark

Parenting Diva said...

I can guess where the "just because he's crippled" line came from (thark) but exactly what precipitated the "are you sure you're putting it in the right hole" remark?

tharker said...

Ok, so we all can't be "parenting divas" now can we! Am I not the most UN-steller mom on the planet or what! As far as the "right hole" remark, well I'll never tell...Thark

christy johnson said...

Ladies of the yourselves! With comments like crack whore, crippled & hole amnesia you might be changing the face of Eastern WA. Thank the LORD! From one big city gal to you others...welcome to the crack whore, crippled, holy club!