Monday, September 25, 2006

Great News!

If you have been to my house at any point during the last four years, you may have noticed a blue truck parked outside along the curb. It wasn't parked in front of my house but because of where it was and the position of our house and driveway, it often made pulling out a bit tricky because it was hard to see oncoming traffic. Well, my husband has befriended a Pasco police officer and he mentioned said truck to him. The next day, there was a notice on the truck's window telling the owners that it would be towed if not moved within 30 days. (The truck was never used. It just sat there 24/7 so we aren't really being too picky here.) Anyway, the truck has now been moved and you can see so easily to back out of my driveway. It makes me very happy.

Ok, so maybe that wasn't great news but get this: I'm going to have that same Pasco police officer check into the Wal-Mart baby so I'll finally know the rest of the story. And when I do, I'll be sure to share with you.

Even better news: I just got a phone call from a friend telling me she's pregnant. But I can't say who, which is a bummer although I'm mighty tempted because she doesn't read my blog. Maybe I can give you a clue though; her name rhymes with Hegan....:)


Lindsay said...

I can't even believe it...Some people are like a vault!

Tharker said...

Seriously!!! She's like a steal trap that "Hegan". So happy for her!

Heather said...

OK- I must be totally out of the loop, I don't even get lindsay or tiffs comments.