Sunday, September 24, 2006

Now Accepting Applications for Karen #2

Seriously. SERIOUSLY. I go out of town for a mere 24 hours and when I get back, I have two emails from friends telling me that they have created blogs themselves, and while I am happy to read about my dear friends, I feel even more pressure in the blogging world. I don't know if I can handle it.

Completely unrelated: I am still hemorraging.

Even more unrelated: I am still STUFFED from lunch yesterday at The Cheesecake Factory and am considering a hardcore self purge.

That is all.


tharker said...

How were the eggrolls? No, no, you don't sense any JEALOUSY in my tone at all! haha! Hope you guys had a great time.


Lindsay said...

I hear ya! Is there such thing as a food hangover?

Heather said...

Who is the other friend? I got tiffs.... is there another blog I should be stalking??

Puerto Rican Princess said...

It's my sister-in-law Jen. You're welcome to stalk her if you want.