Thursday, October 19, 2006

Blame It On Oprah

As I'm doing laps at the mall this morning with the over 80 club, I notice that The GAP has gotten a new shipment in. Hoping that they have been restocked with some of their new "Red" products, I head on in. (Wow, I just ended two whole sentences with the word 'in.' I'll work harder Erica.)

A super-duper skinny clerk is folding the new shipment onto the front table and I ask her if they have any of the other shirts in, because although I want to support The Red Campaign and all things that come from the minds of Oprah and Bono, I cannot in good conscience walk around as a mother of three with the word "Hamme(red)" or "Desi(red)" on my chest.

"We just got "Inspi(red)" in" (crap! there's the 'in' again!) she tells me. "Let me grab your size. You look like a medium" she tells me, digging through her pile.

A medium? Seriously, I look like a medium? Even if she is lying to my face and hoping I'll feel good enough about myself to buy the silly shirt, it's working like a charm because I now want to buy five mediums, just because they're mediums! As a girl who has watched numerous salespeople dig to the bottom of a pile in search of an XL, I am thrilled at the idea of medium. What a beautiful word.

So I bought the shirt and it seems to work because I am certainly Inspi(red). It's such a cool campaign and even though the shirt cost (gasp!) $28, knowing that HALF of that is going to prevent AIDS in Africa is so stinkin cool. Such a brillian idea.

Ok, I'm hopping off my soapbox now. As a friendly public service announcement and as a reward for reading through all of the crazy things I write day after day, The GAP is also having a great sale right now. I could have bought a ton more if it weren't for the two small children begging me to leave. Happy shopping. Go Red.


Tharker said...

Way to go KJo, sportin' a Medium and supporting a good cause at the same time! You'll be a hot mama and "Inspire" us all!

Heather said...

Wow. I felt proud that I was able to buy a L instead of an XL sweatshirt, but that pales in comparison to the Medium! Great job.

emahaf said...

way to support a good cause, I love it when people assume i am a smaller size it feels great until you try on the size they give you and you wonder if this soze was made for you when you were 7. here is my blog address passit around.