Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm Ready For My Closeup

So you know that common scene in movies when you see someone standing at their kitchen sink and they turn on their disposal only to have all of it's contents purged on them with impressive force?

That just happened to me.

It happened AFTER Nadia screamed at me in the crosswalk but BEFORE I had to stick my hand into a toilet filled with poopy water to retrieve an entire roll of toilet paper.

Am I being filmed? Surely this day could not unfold on it's own and only with the help of some Hollywood director.


Tharker said...

You're being PUNK'D!!!

Kel said...

Wow, you have really had a wonderful day haven't You? Hopefully, no one will puke on you later on. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Heather said...

Did the ice cream at least make up for it??

emahaf said...

Yuck, I hate when the kids throw stuff in the toilet. hopefully the rest of your day turned out better

brojonel said...

Yeah, been there done that with the toilet roll in the potty. My daughter is fascinated with everything bathroom!

So I am an incredibly huge fan of your blog. I feel like a stuttering preteen meeting Justin Timberlake for the first time! Your StarWars blog--genius, brilliant! I agree with Sarah, you should write a book-- as long as it doesn't take away from your blog. Keep 'em coming!