Monday, October 30, 2006

Sorry Good Causes of the World, I've Got To Look Good

I spent a good hour of my life yesterday trying to install links onto my website for a few reasons. One, I wanted to make my blog more interesting and give people more to do than just read my silly stories. Two, I thought that with the holiday shopping season coming up, it would be a great time to add a link for Blog(red) so that people can see all the different things they can get AND help out a great cause. Third, I get asked for my sister-in-laws website at least 45 times a week and since her signs are the perfect holiday gift (you're welcome Tiffy) I wanted to include her link as well.

I thought that I had failed miserably as I do with all things computer, but when I opened up my page this morning, low and behold there were the links. You'd think I'd be thrilled! Good job me!

You'd be wrong.

While part of me is secretly relieved that I'm not a moron, I am not happy with the links because they are 1) GIAGANTIC and 2) they offset my whole page which is something I cannot figure out. And even though I want to support a good cause and save the world, my desire for my blog to look good seems to be more important to me. I know. I can practically hear your collective sigh of disappointment from here.

My advice? Shop quickly ladies because most likely, my symmetrically minded self will win out and the links will go bye-bye. I'm going to fight it with all I've got but I know myself too well. Shop, shop, shop!


emahaf said...

way to go on the links, And even through they are not exactley like you would like, it is still impressive that you got them on.

Heather said...

Try taking the badge out and just adding a link to the RED website. That might fix the whole off-setting deal.

Puerto Rican Princess said...

I thought of that but I like the badge. I just want it smaller.