Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Meet My Daughter Spencer and My Son Hannah

It looks like Spencer's chances at sainthood may be getting farther and farther out of grasp. Although he is still nearly perfect, he is starting to show some annoyingly heinous traits and it's a wee bit unnerving to me as I've spent the last six years deciding what to wear when he picks up his Nobel Peace Prize.

He has a new friend over to play today, Tyler Zornes, and was so excited this morning I thought he would burst. When the boys came in from school, everything looked great and they headed out back to play. Spence lasted about 27 seconds before he came in the house reduced to tears because Tyler and Aidan were saying their how-do-you-do's like all polite boys do and Spence took this to mean that Tyler didn't like him anymore and only wanted to play with Aidan. Seriously crying huge crocodile tears and while I should have been consoling him, every fiber of my being wanted to shout "stop being such a girl!!!"

I hate sexist remarks like that, really I do but it's truly how I felt. Somehow, for some reason, the good Lord has sent me a girl in a boy's body and a boy in a girl's body and it's exhausting trying to keep up. I talked Spence through it and sent him outside again only to have another 27 seconds pass before he was back at the door crying because "everyone was ignoring him." Yeah, it's because you're such a girly crybaby I wanted to say but I reassured him that they weren't ignoring him and that he should just go play.

I think we make it through 4 or 5 minutes of uninterrupted play before he was crying again because they didn't want to color and he did. SERIOUSLY. What a girl.

We had one more heart to heart about the rules of friendship and he seemed to get it this time because he and Tyler have been laughing ever since. Tyler, bless his heart, has been an absolute gem and taken Spence's bouts with PMS in total stride. They have had popsicles, shared some crackers and are now building the world's biggest train track in Spencer's room. They've even taken to calling each other Farto which is normally something I would put a stop to but since they are both laughing like hyenas and no one is sobbing, I'm letting it go. Sorry Nicole. I don't mean to bring Tyler down to our level but I've got a nice place picked out for the Nobel...


Anonymous said...

I blame Brad. Stan warned you...maybe you should play fight more often instead of encouraging snuggling.


Tharker said...

I'd say I blame Brad for the Farto nickname. Somehow that just sounds like something Brad and Matt would call eachother. Gotta love that he and Tyler have become buds though!

Nicole said...

Tyler is impressed with your supermom ears. He thought they totally got away with calling eachother Farto! He had a blast!

Anonymous said...

I so appreciated this blog because (my) Tyler has been convinced that Dempsy is retarded as if he's the only "big boy" who cries like a girl.

Perhaps your next blog could be about "big boys" and bed-wetting... I could forward that one along to him as well!!!

(from the "anonymous, paragraph-spacer, post-er")