Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Christmas Story

Okay, here' s the story....

We're just about done opening gifts Christmas morning when Brad hands one last present to me. It's pretty big but very light, and as I had already gotten some great gifts from him, I wasn't really expecting anything else.

Everyone watched as I unwrapped the big box, only to find another smaller wrapped box inside. This went on for several packages until the last box contained a square red jewlery box. Completely surprised because Brad has never bought me jewlery other than my wedding ring, I slowly lifted the lid expecting to find a nice necklace or pair of earrings.

I could not have been more wrong.

Inside the jewlery box was a key chain and key. The key chain read as follows:

Brad & Karen Johnson
5116 Monrovia Lane

It took me all of two seconds to realize that Brad, the best husband on the planet, had bought us a house we have been looking at for the past five months!!!!!!!!!!

(Ok, I'm seriously shaking just typing all of this out. It was the most amazing moment!)

Here's the rest of the story. Several months ago we stumbled upon a house that we both decided was perfect for us. It had all the rooms we wanted in all the right places and we both fell completely in love with it. The only problem was knowing whether or not it was the right thing for us to do. We thought about it from every angle, prayed relentlessly about what to do and finally decided that we both felt great about the move. We had met with the realtor and picked out all of the features we wanted and I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. Then one day Brad says "I think we should wait." I was devastated. I had felt so good about everything and really felt like it would be a great move for our family and suddenly Brad was putting the brakes on. We talked about it and he continued to tell me that he felt as though we should wait. I agreed to see it from his perspective even though I didn't really understand it and we decided we'd look again in the new year.

Well Brad, genius that he is, continued to go ahead with the purchase of the house all as a surprise for me on Christmas. He negotiated every feature I wanted, submitted all the paperwork and gave me the most incredible Christmas of my life. It was amazing.

Ok Kim, happy? There's the story.


Kim said...

Yes, I'm very happy. You told the story way better than I could have. Congratulations on getting the home of your dreams!! I can't wait to see it all coming together!!

Lindsay said...

I'm so excited for you Karen! That is hands-down the best Christmas gift story I've heard.

Anonymous said... that is a Christmas you will never forget. Way to go Brad! Now you can meet some new neighbors and maybe you'll be able to remember their names. :) Congratulations on your new home- I can't wait to see it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Brad!! Now my wife is expecting a huge suprise next year. Congratulations we will be sad to see you leave 6th ward

brojonel said...

Congratulations! That is some Christmas story!

Tharker said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Brad rocks! We'll miss our across the way neighbors : ( I hope the new buyers can jump a fence as well as Brad!

Nicole said...

That is AWESOME for you guys! How exciting!

emahaf said...

Ok where have I been I did not even know you were considering moving. But way to go on the best christmas present ever.

heather said...

Uhh.... you've been in Utah Eden. And Karen- are you SOO over blogging.. or what?? You are really slacking.