Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007...Here We Come

The new year is taking shape nicely at the Johnson home. Here's what we're up to:

Sienna, AKA THE MUTE, has suddenly taken to a pacifier at the ripe old age of 17 months. It is a completely bizarre development to me but one that I am appreciating for all the wrong reasons. It quiets her when she's trying to tell me something through her regular series of grunts and whistles and gets frustrated; it slows her down when she's itching for bedtime but I'm trying to stall her just a few more minutes; and it gives her something to do in the car when I tire of her slightly annoying high-pitched rendition of "Elmo's World." Sure, it would have been handy when she was a newborn but I'll take what I can get. She has also followed in her big sister's footsteps and declared dancing to be her favorite pastime. We're slightly concerned about her form as she looks exactly like a miniature Elaine from Seinfield when she moves but it is so much fun to watch. All that coupled with her penchant to throw herself into downward facing dog whenever she gets mad makes for one entertaining Squishy.

Spencer, in all his earnest perfection, has become a Gameboy addict thanks to Santa Claus but has enough self-awareness to comment to me this morning "mom, I think you should put my Gameboy up to charge for a few days because I really need to get my homework done after school today." Seriously, enough said.

Hannah, in an attempt to be my very best friend, has decided that the best way to show her love and affection for me is to follow me around, hug my leg and whine like a lost and malnourished dog. She sounds EXACTLY like Hershey did as a pup and even though her sounds drive me bonkers, I can't help but laugh. She is also becoming the second best bike-riding kid in our family and loves every minute of it. In addition, she loved being the "little kid helper" this past weekend when all of my friends came to town with their babies. It was really sweet to watch. I take back every comment I ever made about her wanting to put a hit out on Sienna.

Brad is still relishing his title of Superior Husband of the Galaxy thanks to his Christmas offerings. He went back to work on Tuesday after a two week break but took Wednesday as a mental health day because he was afraid he might kill his entire 7th period. Hopefully things are going better today.

As for me, I am plugging along. Since my house is finally rid of company and holiday goodies, I have rededicated myself to continued weight loss and improved health. I'm a wee bit ovewhelmed at the process of readying this house for sale but I feel so blessed to be given the challenge. What a horrible problem to have, right? I also plan to get back to blogging on a somewhat regular basis which I'm sure you're all thrilled about.

All in all, life is good here on Johnson Lane. I hope your New Year is off to a similar start.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, my life is complete! Now that you have posted again I can go about my day without wondering all day long whether or not you have given up on blogging completely!