Saturday, January 20, 2007

Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

Over New Year's weekend, three of my girlfriends and their families came and stayed for a few days, something we do every holiday season. We had a blast as usual and on New Year's Eve, we found ourselves reminiscing about old times, great memories and our friendship which so far has endured 16 years. As the clocked ticked closer to midnight, we started to get a little tired so I turned on some music in hopes of getting everyone going again.

Brad and I each have playlists on the XBox and as we went through mine, we discovered (or rather I discovered since my girlfriends already knew and constantly tease me about it) that I have the most mellow, most calming, most 84-year-old taste in music! Every song that came on was some slightly different version of the previous one and the music was having the opposite effect of what I hoped for; it was putting us asleep faster than it was waking us up. Pathetic!

After they had all left, I emailed them and asked them for some upbeat workout songs, songs that we used to listen to in high school that always made us want to dance and sing. They sent me some great ones, which I have since added to my collection, but I'm wondering what kind of music gets you all going? Send me your favorites so I can liven up my playlist again.


Tharker said...

You know me and my affinity for all things 80's! Nothing gets me going like the opening to "Eye of the Tiger", I also love "Hurts so good" by John Mellencamp. Of course if you really want to shake but not break it, you could "Pump Up the Jam" with a little "Baby Got Back"! Gotta love the old school music. And I don't mean your 84 year old style!

goode said...

"Sexual Healing" always gets me going. "Back to the Hotel" is my husbands favorite.

Alicia said...

Karen, I can give you a fat list of the most rockin music. And I can proudly say it is all from the 2 thou's. To tide you over until my e-mail, I recommend almost anything from Black Eyed Peas.

Erica said...

Though I already emailed some suggestions, here are two more: "Promiscuous Girl" and "Smack That." The latter is by Eminem and A-Con, so obviously try to find the "clean" version. The titles clearly indicate that, though you may find a version without explicit lyrics, neither is thematically "clean." Enjoy! Hee-hee.