Sunday, March 11, 2007

"The White Cake, With The Sweet Frost"

Apparently, when you call on the funny, the funny runs the other way. I am completely stuck without any funny and it's driving me insane! I look at things, I have experiences, and nothing, not one single thing constitutes as funny and knowing that you're all out there waiting, just waiting for some funny thing to come down the pipe makes the absence of funny THAT MUCH WORSE.

Is this what writer's block is? The nagging, the horrible feeling of wanting to say something but being completely unable because a bandit of robbers came in the night and stole all your funny? I don't really think of myself as a writer, but I know for certain that this is a block. A wall. A space in time. My own personal Mt. Everest. Will I ever reach the top? Is there really a bright side? Will the funny ever come back and what in the world do I do in the meantime?

One bag of tricks, two sleeves with
something up them, a funny bone, a
ticklish spot, one knee-slapping
good time to come and rescue
middle-aged housewife comepletely
DEVOID of the funny. Will pay
handomsely in chuckles and gaffaws once
funny is found, unhurt, and in tack.


Tharker said...

Karen you're funny without even trying! Love the song choice.

Heather said...

The song was FUNNY!!!

Alicia said...

Karen, you're right, it's the pressure. I think if you can not think about us all sitting here waiting for you to be funny, the pressure will be lifted and I bet the comical juices will start flowing! So, to do my part in helping this happen, I for one am not waiting for you to be funny. And I really mean that, I love your serious posts just as much!

dandee said...

I agree Karen. I enjoy your posts, funny or serious.

Marilyn said...

I also agree with everyone. Serious, funny, or trying to encourage the funny, your posts are a blast to read.

emahaf said...

I love reading your blogs, all of them funny or serious. And the song was great, Kim loves that song, we always listen to it when it comes on the radio

superbrad9 said...

What's up with the title?

Puerto Rican Princess said...

Very funny sweetie...