Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ask Her If She Knows Wayne Newton

I'll start with prom since I've left you all hanging long enough.

I'm not posting a picture because, well, they're heinous, so you'll just have to imagine Brad and I in all our finery. (We didn't look half bad in person but the picture is NO GOOD.)

Although we were completely exhausted after laying tile for 12+ hours, we did have a really good time. Even Brad, who, in his usual all-things-high-school-are-lame attitude, had fun seeing all of his students decked out and trying to act like adults. We were supposed to work the dance area but we spent most of our time in the front reception so we could see every kid walk through the door. SO FASCINATING.

There seems to be two schools of thought for high schoolers picking out their prom clothes:

1) I want to look like I'm ready for anything, with anyone, at anytime
2) I'm mormon
It was hilarious, in a slightly sickening, oh-no-you-di'nt sort of way. Some of the girls were beautiful. Classy, elegant, understated and down-right gorgeous. The other girls, well...they didn't leave much to the imagination and once again, I found myself being so thankful to be a woman because to watch Brad try to converse with a student whose mile-long cleavage was screaming for attention was horrifying. Painful. Awful.
I definitely felt my age that night because I really was that woman in the corner saying "didn't her father see her when she left the house?" to the other chaperones which is something I never thought I'd do. I truly could not comprehend how some of these girls made it out of their houses dressed like down-on-their-luck Vegas showgirls, but I know it's because most of them don't have parents who give a damn and that's even more horrifying.
Then there was the music. A non-stop, continuous flow of noise that doesn't have a beginning or end and sounds all the same. Brad and I danced a few times with the kids we know and then gave up because it was just too bizzare. And they don't dance in couples anymore...they all jam together in one huge gyrating crowd which was a little spooky because you couldn't see what was going on in the center of that crowd. Not so good for the chaperones, which is exactly why they do it I'm sure.
We had a good time and it was great to see all the kids we've gotten to know through school and church but I'm definitly glad not to be in high school anymore. It would be difficult trying to squeeze this post baby bod into a dress designed by a skank.


Tharker said...

Good for the LDS girls for standing out. I see some of those "down on their luck Vegas show girls" around town, and I'm shocked at what they choose to wear for their everyday attire. I can only imagine what their prom dresses looked like. More accurately I'm sure it resembled lingerie more than an actual dress.

Too bad about your pictures. I saw a couple of girls' pics from our ward. What was up with the heinous poses?

dandee said...

Glad you're back Karen! Too bad about the prom pics. Mine never turned out great either!

Alicia said...

Sounds an awful lot like my prom, although I do think the dresses have gotten skankier. I am just so amazed that all these girls are confident enough with their bodies to show so much of them? Whatever happened to good old fashioned teenage girl insecurities?

Melissa said...

It scares me to see what they will be wearing (or NOT wearing) when my kids hit that age. It terrifies me that one of my sweet boys will go to a dance and his date will be dressed like one of the "down on their luck Vegas show girls". :S I've seen some Mormon girls in some pretty crazy dresses :(

Marilyn said...

Thanks Karen for the report. I don't think my girls will be getting the opportunity to go to a prom, because that huge group of gyrating students hiding the mischeif in the middle scares me to death!

tarantula411 said...

Yeah for Karen! It's good to have you back from the land of moving and tiling! I am scared to have kids that will one day attend high school. Very scared...

Michele said...

Love the song. I think it was popular at our prom. Honestly, there were hoochie dresses at our prom (in 1993) as well. Remember the short sequin numbers? Need I remind you of white stretch pants/leggings, worn with regular underwear? There will always be the gorgeous and the tasteless. We should all be fine if we just set a standard and do a little "editing" at home.