Thursday, May 17, 2007

Shop Til You Drop, Or Not

What is it about moving that brings on the overwhelming sense to go shopping???

Shouldn't the new house be enough????

Shouldn't I just be thrilled to have what I have????

I mean, I AM.

But I still want to shop.

For furniture for my den which currently looks like the before shot on Trading Spaces.

For a bedroom set to fill out my new bedroom.

For a couch.

For new curtains for the living room.

For all kinds of organizational doo-dads for the den.

For this, that and the other.

I really am in complete heaven in my new home and I know it will all come in time. I just want the time to be NOW. Another lesson in patience still not learned.

(And yes, Heather, you can invite yourself over anytime!)


dandee said...

Karen, I know EXACTLY what you mean. I'm sure I will be feeling the same way in a few weeks. I'll call you for moral suport.

Puerto Rican Princess said...

It's so bad that I was out this morning and I purposely DID NOT go to Target because I knew I couldn't resist all of the lovely things waiting for me!

Maybe we should start a support group...

Tharker said...

Every time you feel the urge, just picture Brad's booming voice yelling, "THE BUDGET!!!!!". That should do the trick nicely...well maybe not.

Brooklet said...

I am just so envious that you have a new house!! When you mentioned so non-chalantly that you had a den, I feel the ting of jealousy in my side!! COngrats!

Melissa said...

I can relate. Sometimes it's just so hard to wait. Maybe you'll have to sit down and write a list of the things you'd like in order. Then, as the money is available, you can get each item... or something like that... :)

Marilyn said...

I find that there are many things that give me the urge to shop, like Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays. Not Fridays, those are date nights, and not Saturdays those are work days, and not Sundays, because those are, well, the Sabbath.

But seriously, when does that support group meet?

sdodson said...

Karen-I'm Sarah Dodson and I heard you introduce yourself in Relief Society today. I didn't get a chance to talk to you becuase I was up playing the piano,(huge pregnant lady in turquoise shirt) but I'll have to try and catch you next week. Welcome to our ward!

krisnkrew said...

I'm so excited that your family is in our ward. When I read your blog the other day, about your new house, I didn't even think that you could possibly be moving into our ward! We are thrilled to have you! It will be so great getting to know you!

Puerto Rican Princess said...

Sarah and Kristen!

Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm really looking forward to new experiences in a new ward and I was happy to meet so many nice people yesterday.

Shannon told me about playgroup at the park on Thursday and Sarah's shower so maybe I'll see you both later this week. Thanks again!