Monday, May 21, 2007

Gluttoney, Johnson Style

On Thursday, Brad and Sienna left for Seattle because Brad had another conference to attend and my mom knew that a little Sienna break would benefit both of us. That left me alone with Hannah and Spence for the weekend and we had a blast.

On Friday, after dropping Spence off at school, Hannah and I went shopping for some new summer clothes for her since she is growing out of everything at an alraming rate. At 4 1/2 years old, she is wearing a 7 in tops and at least a 6 in bottoms and since I'm not a real fan of the belly-bearing Britney look on my little munchkin, we needed new digs. We found some great stuff and then we headed to the "toenail store" for pedicures. I know she's a little early for this stuff but we had SO MUCH FUN. Annie at Hot Spa Nails hooked Hannah up with her very own chair where she got to soak her feet which she loved. We sat side-by-side and talked about all kinds of stuff.

"Do you think Shrek and Fiona are going to have babies?"

"On my next birthday, when I turn 5, I'm going to go to Chuck E Cheeses and eat cotton candy with a princess ballerina birthday cake."
"When I go to kindergarten, will you call it Spence and Hannah's school or will it still just be Spencer's school?"
I LOVED it. Something about it made me promise myself that I will always make a point to do this with my girls.
We left there with the cutest feet ever, (french for me, pink with flowers for Hannah) hit a few furniture shops (seriously! the shopping!!!) and came home for awhile before picking Spence up from school. Later that night, we hooked up with the Lee's for some Mickey D's and Shrek at the new theater. The kids laughed and laughed and I loved that they were being so thoroughly spoiled for a change. I feel like I've been rushing them so much lately in their little lives and I loved following their time schedule for a change and doing exactly what they wanted when they wanted to do it. It probably goes against every parenting book out there but we had so much fun and I felt so close to my kids throughout it all. We wrapped up the night with a Kendall/Michael sleepover (which for my kids is equivalent to a trip to Disneyland) where we stayed up late, ate too much candy, and had a blast.
Even though it was all a bit excessive, it really helped me to reconnect with my kids after all the craziness of the past few weeks and I loved every minute of it. I've lately become increasingly aware of just how fast their little lives are flying by and I don't want to miss a thing.

And my feet are adorable.


Lindsay said...

Sounds like fun! I love doing stuff like that with my kids. I've always enjoyed having Carson/mom bonding time and can't wait for Kaiya to get a little older so we can have mother/daughter pedicures. You are a great mom, Karen!

Marilyn said...

Great perspective! I need to do something like this soon, because we have been SO busy lately that I feel like I haven't had any quality time with my kids in ages.

I have taken each of my kids on Mommy/Daughter, and Mommy/Son dates and they are precious precious memories for me. Thanks for the reminder!

dandee said...

Karen, thank you for this post. It's exactly what I needed to hear at this time!

krisnkrew said...

What a fun weekend. I'm glad that you had a great time. How was Shrek the Third? Was it totally cute? Tyler has been wanting to go to the New Movie Theater, we need to add that to our list to do. I can't believe it's open and we don't have to go far to catch a movie!

Heather said...

Perfect song, perfect weekend.

BTW if you can't understand the second message either :( I could use my manual this week since I will be teaching on Sunday.

Kim said...

How fun! You know your kids loved it almost as much as you did!:) We love this song, too! I'll have to take Ally to get a pedi with me soon.

Shayla said...

What a great idea to do with my girls. They would love getting their toe nails done. I think the laid back, break the rules, stay up late kind of times need to happen now and then just so we can remember why we decided to become parents in the first place. We really do like these kiddos we brought into the's not all hard times and naughty kids. You especially deserve it after moving. Can't wait to see your new place on card night.

Tharker said...

Your toes are cute!

I'm glad you had a good weekend with your kids. All three of you deserved a little down time after moving.

Kelly said...

I love her question about what you're going to call the school next year...priceless! I, too, treated Nick and Nolan to a night out this weekend to see Shrek III and dinner out. Fun was had by all! Isn't being a mommy the best?!

Nan said...

What a cute idea, I know the feeling of rushing around or constantly saying "do you want a time-out?". Time for a outing just for Cam.
PS looking forward to getting to know you and B-Rad. Such adorable kids in primary!