Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Camping Rocks, The 2007 Edition

I don't really believe in luck. When people say "I'm so lucky!" or "I have the worse luck!," I always think what in the world IS luck and why does she seem to have such a monopoly on how our lives go???

I'm more of an everything-happens-for-a-reason sort of girl and that has always served me well. Sure, sometimes I may feel a wee bit lucky, but most of the time I think that we make our way through life experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly because we're supposed to, and luck has nothing to do with it.

That said, I'd like to meet Luck at the bike racks about now and give Her a serious noogie.

After the heartache of the last few weeks, Brad and I were both looking forward to his family reunion camping trip which happened last weekend. Everyone met up at Wallowa Lake in Oregon, including his kid sister Eileen who had flown in from New York. We hadn't all been together in years and were so excited for a fun and relaxing weekend jet-skiing, four-wheeling, and enjoying each other's company, which we did all the way up until our beloved Uncle Matty had to be taken to the hospital. In the middle of the night. Because he couldn't breathe.

Anyone who has read this blog for awhile now knows that to my kids, Uncle Matty is Disneyland and ice cream and fireworks all rolled into one. THEY LOVE HIM. And he does the best job at loving them, playing with them whenever they want, making them laugh and spoiling them rotten.

As for he and Brad, well, they are the best of friends, talking more times a day than me and my girlfriends, and getting each other like only brothers can. They can get the other to do almost anything, and while I occasionally get annoyed at their likeness, I am so glad Brad has Matty.

As Brad and my brother-in-law Rich rushed Matt and Jen to the hospital, Tiff, LJ and I sat around the campfire convincing one another that he would be alright. And he is, except that poor Matt is STILL in the hosptial five days later battling the worst case of pneumonia to ever hit the Treasure Valley.

Brad and his dad are headed down to Boise in the next few hours to help out and I know that Brad will be the best dose of medicine Matty can receive. It just all stinks. To see him so sick was frightening and I feel awful that he has felt horrible for days now. And the fact that it happened during our big weekend together, was, well, rotten luck, if you believe in that sort of thing.

Or maybe it wasn't. Maybe it was the best of luck that we could all be together to comfort one another and get through it, that we could pray for him and help one another out. Hmmmm.....

Neiner, neiner, Luck, you've got nothing on this family.


Tharker said...

I think if anyone can lift Matt's spirits, it's going to be Bizradicus! I hope Matt is feeling better very soon and is able to go home to his sweet family!

dandee said...

You have had a very eventful summer thus far! Hopefully your brother in law will get soon quickly and life will begin to slow down.

Nan said...

that part of the country is beautiful, my gram has a cabin in Joseph.
Scarry for you guys. Hopefully things will settle down for your family.
...good luck.

Melissa said...

What a scary experience... but like you said, good that you could all be there together to help each other out... here's hoping for a quick recovery!

Marilyn said...

Karen, so sorry to hear about your brother in law. I hope he gets well soon.

Kelly said...

Poor guy, hope he's feeling much better now. What a scary situation for everyone- glad you were able to comfort one another.