Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Maybe It's Something In The Water

My children are giants. Really, really skinny giants, but giants nonetheless.

This has always been very evident in their feet. From the very beginning, all three of them have moved through shoes with lightening speed. For Spencer's first Easter, I bought him the cutest shoes three weeks before he needed them, and when I went to put them on Easter morning, I couldn't get his foot anywhere near them. Shoes literally last them about two months and then we need new ones. Such is life when your husband wears a size 14!
I was going through old clothes of Hannah's yesterday to see what Sienna would need for fall and found these:

Aren't they adorable? You might notice that they are in mint condition because when I got them for Hannah, her feet grew right past them and she never had a chance to wear them. It's like she went from a 6 to a 9 in one fell swoop and completely missed out on these babies. They are a size 7 so I thought they'd be perfect for Squish.

Uh, no.

I couldn't get her feet into them at all, but I still tried for twenty minutes because 1) they are adorable and 2) I already have to buy four pairs of shoes for the other two!

Curse the giants!

Maybe Brad was secretly injecting me with that super growth hormone they give cows while I was pregnant. That would explain so many things.

While this freaky growth thing has primarily been related to their feet, it now affects their clothes. Spencer is wearing a SIZE 12 in pants for back to school. Yeah, he's 7 people. And he needs the super skinny ones that cinch all the way up because while he's off the charts for height, he's only in the 15th percentile for weight. Poor little emaciated 2nd grader.

Onto Hannah, who is definitely, shall I say, the fullest of my children. She is in no way fat, but she carries more weight than the other two and actually appears healthy. I went to get her new clothes for ballet yesterday and bought this:

It's an 8/10 so I'm thinking of course that will fit my four-year-old. Wrong again. Okay, so it does fit her, but it just fits her. There isn't even one little wrinkle of fabric as it stretches across her massive pre-k body. So back I'll go today to buy a 10/12 for my child who isn't even in school yet. Cause that's totally normal.
And then there's Squish, who is really the anti-Squish. The name doesn't fit at all but there you go. You can count her ribs and her spine and while she appears freakishly petite, she too is off the charts for height.
Watch out, fellow Tri-Citians! The giants are coming!


Lindsay said...

How crazy is that! Size 12 pants? 10/12 leotard? Your kids are going to be so tall.

Tharker said...

I can't believe that Spencer wears a 12!!! That's so crazy to me. Well at least you know that if you need help reaching something, you can just ask you 2nd grader!!!

Melissa said...

Wow! My 8 year old still wears an 8... he's almost to the 10's. My 6 year old is super skinny and so we love the adjustable waistbands at our house. A mom had to have been the person to come up with the adjustable waistband in kids clothes. It just had to be a mom that was tired of trying to find clothes with a 4T waist and a size 7 length...

Sarah said...

The dance stuff is the worst to grow out of because it's so stinkin expensive. Kendle barely made it through last year with the same dance shoes, there was no way I was going to buy another pair.

krisnkrew said...

My jaw is still open by Spencer wearing a size 12 in pants. That is seriously amazing! Tyler is wearing 8's this year, and I thought he was big for his age. The whole dance stuff, that's just annoying. They make those things so small anyway, you wonder how any body can fit into them!

Michele said...

Can I borrow the shoes?

Michele said...
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Heather said...

Seriously, I'm all for the Squish hand-me-downs too. I can't believe they wear those sizes- at least they don't look freakish even if the tag disagrees.

Brooklet said...

When your giant kids are grown, you can stand in between them and re-enact one of my favorite mary poppins scenes.

Alicia said...

Okay, Brooke, that was one of the funniest comments I've ever read.
I can't believe your kids' sizes, either. They don't look any bigger to me than other kids their ages!
And I am also a huge, huge fan of the adjustable waist.