Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Coming To You Live From The Only High School Calculus Class I've Ever Been In

Did you miss me?

Oh, not really?

That sucks.

So sorry for my absence. My mom has been here for a week now, helping me out and making life so much easier and I haven't taken the time to blog which I really missed. Weird how you can depend on something so simple to get you through your day.

To update:

*Last Friday my mom and I returned from our errands to find a plate of yumminess and a jar of homemade goodness gracing my front door. The card that accompanied it said something like "we think you're great, welcome to our neck of the woods!" How great is that? Made me smile and think, once again, how grateful I am for the fantastic friends that I have. (More on that to come later this week!) This one and that one are to blame for their generosity and kind deed. I'm hoping they feel like joining me for lunch at my place on Thursday...

*I finally got bedding for my room thanks to the keen eye of my mom and it makes me so happy. Every time I walk into my room I smile and praise the bargain bin at Bed, Bath & Beyond for getting my room out of it's ghetto slump. Now I just need furniture.

*This weekend I am heading off for my annual Lfest Retreat (more to come on that) which is where me and three of the greatest women on the planet spend a weekend together doing what we do best-laughing, crying, sleeping, eating and loving every minute of it. I CANNOT WAIT. Nothing rejuvenates my soul more than time with these women. Well, them and cheesecake.

*Next weekend, my oldest friend Kelly is coming to visit and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT EITHER. Kelly is the type of friend that everyone should have. She is loyal, compassionate, sincere, genuine, honest, hysterical and lovely in every way. I have known her since I was three (can you believe that?) and she has been there for every step of my life. She also has a memory like an iron vice and she constantly cracks me up by remembering every word I've ever said and every outfit I ever wore. It's kind of freaky, really, but I love her TO DEATH. Can't wait.

*I called home awhile ago (Lindsay & I are doing time at PHS) and my mom told me that Sienna came to her while playing, told her she needed to go potty, and then went in and PEED and POOPED on the TOILET. Oh yeah people, I've got a potty training rock star on my hands! And oddly enough, I haven't even really started potty training her. Who knew Elmo panties could work such magic?

That about covers it. I think I'll spend the rest of the week highlighting my amazing friends which should make for some interesting reading.

Happy Tuesday!


Lindsay said...

So awesome that Sienna went to the bathroom by herself. Have fun at your Lfest retreat!

Puerto Rican Princess said...

Linds, you're cracking me up! Look at you, commenting on my blog like we didn't carpool to work this morning, just have lunch together, and are right around the corner from each other! Like your at home in your sweats, happily commeting on blogs...you seriously kill me!

Sarah said...

I'm so glad you got your treats. We were worried you went out of town or something and would have stray animals for miles around coming to sniff out your doorstep. I'd love to get to know you better and can't come to lunch on Thursday, but would love it if I could come next week some time if you are free. Have fun in school!

Tharker said...

I'm so glad that you are having a great time in Calc. Your mom is so awesome. I'm a little sad that I haven't gotten to really visit with her while she has been here. Oh well, maybe next time Anne!

Sarah and Kristen, I'd take Karen up on that lunch offer ASAP! You are in for a treat!

And most importantly, YAAY SIENNA!

Kelly said...

Way to go Sienna! Hopefully your potty training days will be behind you soon.

Have a wonderfully relaxing, fun-filled weekend with the girls.

Aw...shucks...your sweet words made my day, I can't imagine what my childhood would've been like without you entertaining me every dang day! You are the BEST.

krisnkrew said...

Glad you got your little treats. Sarah and I were just wanting to let you know that we are glad you are in our Ward and we feel bad cuz we haven't gotten to know you that well. I bet it's so fun to be in YW's though! There are some great leaders in there!

Anyway, I can't come over on Thursday either. But I can do something sometime next week (not Tuesday)! I'm so sorry if this is getting too complicated! I'm sure you didn't want it to be this way! SORRY!!! What do you think???

Marilyn said...

We definitely missed you.

Why are you and Lindsay in calculus? I'm confused.

Congrats on Sienna!

NOTHING beats good friends.

PHS I.T. Monitoring Department said...

It is against PHS policy to use school computers to blog or comment on your friends blogs. Please refer to article rc.1347 in the substitute hand book. If you have any questions about policy please call my office. Thank you for your cooperation. John Morgan

Puerto Rican Princess said...

Nice one, Brad....

dandee said...

Have a wonderful weekend and congrats on the potty training!

Heather said...

Lucky for you that you may be diaper free soon!! You and Lins are awesome on the blogging/working combo.

Alicia said...

That was hilarious, brad.

Melissa said...

Sounds like you are going to have tons of fun!
The magic of Elmo is far reaching... and kinda scary!