Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day Two

Today I am thankful for the little things that make all the big things worthwile.
For a husband who recognizes when I'm not feeling well and occupys the children for hours on end so that I can rest.
For Spence, who has been helping Sienna with her bathroom trips and who never complains when I say "hey Spence!" knowing what is to come.
For Hannah, who tells me I'm pretty and that she loves the most that I'm her mom.
For Sienna, who this morning laid in bed with me and gave me twenty minutes of her time talking and snuggling.
They are my reason for being, and I am so THANKFUL to have them.


Tharker said...

The very best reasons to be thankful.

Sarah said...

Family is a huge blessing and you have a great one.

Brooklet said...


Kelly said...

So sweet. Your family is a blessing for sure. I'm so happy for you.