Friday, November 16, 2007

I Am Thankful For...

In my group of girlfriends, generally referred to as "the girls," we all have our specific roles which fill out the group. Let me introduce you:

First from left is Erica.

She is brilliant, gorgeous, inquisitive, picky, demanding, specific, loyal and hilarious.

Looking at her, you would never know that she was raised by Willie Nelson's doppleganger or that when I first met her in high school, she wore Army boots and green tights to school over her cut-offs and concert T's. Thank goodness she met me.

Erica is the intellect. (Not that the others are stupid, but you'll see what I mean.) She challenges us to think outside the box, she sends us poetry to ponder every week (and she demands an insightful response) and she opens my eyes to things I never think of in my mommy filled life. Erica and I were roommates in college and had THE BEST TIME, despite being very different personalities. (I still don't know why she puts her bathroom garbage can where she does.) Erica is fiercly loyal to her family and would drop everything if you needed her, which she frequently does.

Next is me. You all know me.

The beautiful bride is Michele.

Michelle is compassionate, sensitive, a talker, a listener, beautiful, stubborn, whiny and wonderful.

Michele is the talker of the group. (Hard to imagine with the rest of us, I know.) If she has a problem, she has to talk it out. (And talk and talk....) But I love this because she knows that communication is the key and always has. At the same time, if I have a problem, I call Michele because she listens like no other. She will listen to the complete story, offer you perspectives that you're too stubborn to consider, and get all riled up when she's knows you've been wronged. (I love this about her.) She brings me back to reality when I get wound up and she makes me laugh. She is endearing and empathetic and is currently studying to be a nurse, just like her mom. (I love this about her too.)

Finally there is Christy.

Christy is loyal, brilliant, stunning, passionate, strong, opinionated, global, overbooked and lovely.

Christy is the Get-'er-done of the group.

Christy's life is chaotic to say the least. She has 6 siblings, countless in-laws and nieces/nephews and is so capable that almost everything falls to her. She can be hard to reach, but if you're in a pinch, she will drop everything and rush to your aid. At any time of day. No matter what is going on in her life. (When I was in labor with Spence, there was talk of a c-section and Chrsity left work in Tacoma and made it to the Tri-Cities in TWO HOURS. She rocks.) Christy's intelligence is staggering at times as she seems to know something about everything, which is really handy, and yet she is compassionate and endearing like no one else. She always knows the exact right thing to say and it never sounds silly or foolish. (A skill the rest of us have not mastered, especially Erica.)

Everyone always tells me how lucky I am to have this group of friends and while I know that's true, I also know how hard we all work to make each other a priority. We are there for the big moments in each other's lives but more importantly, we're there for the little stuff too. I know the good Lord surrounded me with amazing women because I have much to learn and I'm so lucky to have them as my teachers.

At the beginning of this holiday week, they are what I am thankful for.

(Sarah McLachlan always reminds me of my girls, and the song "Answer" particularly so, so enjoy Sarah this week at the PRP.)


Tharker said...

I've been waiting for your write up on these awesome girls ever since you mentioned it.

Even though I have only actually met all of them (together) once, I was completely impressed by each one of them. They are all hilarious, and so kind. I agree, you are very blessed to have these special women in your life! I think it's rare that a group of women can stay friends for as long as you guys have. Great job girls!

Tharker said...

I mean awesome women, so not girls!

Sarah said...

Sounds like a great group of friends to have. That is awesome that you are all still so close.

Michele said...

Wow Karen! I am touched. (I did have to get over the whiny part but my dad and husband confirmed it.)
BUT...and a big might want to spell check MY FREAKIN NAME!!!

PRP said...

What's funny about that is that I DID spellcheck and I must have hit "change all" when your name came up. I'm really not that stupid. So sorry.

PRP said...

Erica says:

I wish I could write a comment on your blog, but it still blocks me. Oh, cruel world!

Karen, that was ... I have no words. It brought me to tears... It was amazing and sweet... How you managed to make us so distinct but so much the same. There is no doubt that the four of us are lucky--the luckiest four women I know. But, we're sensitive, smart, and hard-working too; and, all those qualities are necessary in such a powerful friendship. We have to feel for each other and know what the others need and make sure to make what needs to happen happen. And we do.

Jessica said...

Good friends make all the difference in the world, and to have 3, you truly are blessed!!

Jessica said...
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PRP said...

Christy said:

K-rad, my cup runith over.

You are a lover of all things good and kind and we are blessed to have you as our friend. I know that Michele, Erica and I are each touched by your words and insight - thank you. What makes YOU special, Karen, is your unyeilding since of goodness, always trying to do right by others, even when it's painstakingly obvious that your feelings sometimes get put on the backburner.

You're a natural mother; to your children, to your family, to your friends, to your friends's your calling. You are witty and charming and people love you...the "it" factor abounds in you. People gravitate to you because of your kind heart, warm personality and let's not forget that uncanning sense of humor - girl, you knock funny out of the park.

However, what's most beautiful about you, besides your classic good taste, wicked culinary skills and stunning look, is this: you have always been and will always be at the heart of what makes people feel good and that, my dear, is glorious gift from above.

We, I, love you too! - christy

Kelly said...

What a wonderful post. I've met "the girls" a few times and it's true that they are a hoot. You are blessed to have such special friends that are sure to last a lifetime. And it's definitely true, that they are equally as blessed to have you, you are a gem.

Melissa said...

Ah... you're lucky to have such a good group of friends!!!

Elizabeth said...

This was lovely to read.

What I'm wondering, though, is how you all ended up as friends together. How did you all meet and become so close?

Erica said...

Karen's got mad stalking skills...