Friday, November 30, 2007

Funnier Than An Appointment With Doctor T

Yesterday was my first doctor's appointment for Baby #4 and even though I've done this before, I had lots of questions because some of my symptoms this time have been bizarre.
The afternoon started off with my OB ED appointment which is just laughable because again, I've done this a time or two (or three!) before so I felt like I didn't really need the video warning me not to drink alcohol or use meth during this pregnancy, but I watched like I was supposed to. After that, I was shuffled down the hall for my exam with the doc (who, sadly, was not Dr. T but I'll see him next month!)
When the doctor came in, the first thing she said (after her name of course) was "are you eating?" Never has a question made me laugh so much because seriously? One look at ALL OF ME and you'll know that I am in fact eating. Lots. All the time.
Apparently, however, when you spend most of your days violently purging, your body isn't getting the nutrients it needs to grow a babe. Hmm. Who knew?
She told me that my urine was "chock full" of ketones, meaning that my muscles were breaking down to make energy for my body and that my blood sugar was so low that I would probably pass out after my blood draw.
"So you mean I'm dizzy...."
"Because you don't have enough food in your system."
"And I'm shivering all the time...."
"Because your body doesn't have enough energy to heat itself."
"And that hollow feeling in my stomach when I wake up..."
"Is your body begging for food."
"And that constant metal taste in my mouth..."
"Is your body's way of telling you which nutrients you're in short supply of."
Fascinating stuff really.
So I was actually told, BY A DOCTOR PEOPLE, that I need to eat more. More protein, more frequently, more food. And for a chubby girl, that was music to my ears.
Looks like I really did need that stupid video afterall.


dandee said...

I wish someone would tell me to eat more. Music to my ears.

Tharker said...

I didn't know that was the cause of the pregnant metal taste. I've had it with each pregnancy and had no idea...interesting indeed.

Eat away girlfriend!

Melissa said...

I had a doctor tell me to eat more milkshakes with my last baby because I don't really drink milk or eat cheese :)
Go grab a snack!!

Sarah said...

I agree, way better than telling you not to eat more, which is what usually happens to me. It's pretty frustrating though if they are telling you to eat more, and you just keep throwing everything up. How's that going for you?

Kelly said...

Guess it's time for more tostino's and poppers. Enjoy!

Marilyn said...

First of all Karen, I would NEVER in a million years classify you as a "chubby girl". That is just wrong.

I am so sorry you are "purging" so often. That really sucks! Big time. But eat up and enjoy it! said...

a letter for you?

vwbabe said...

Last night I was freeezing...I am glad you wrote this. I woke up this morning and had a nice protein shake. Hoepfully that will help. I am glad that you got some direction and hopefully can start feeling better. Good luck!

Nan said...

Lucky girl, what i would give for a doctor to tell me to eat more. Eat some for me too.

Brooklet said...

Thats kinda scary that you were so undernourished that you were shivering! But this is the best time of the year to be told to eat more food. Just hoping that the purging period will pass soon.

Movie Queen said...

That's crazy! I have that metallic taste in my mouth often, and, although I'm not pregnant, now I know it's probably my body's way of telling me that a diet consisting purely of Cheetos and Fresca isn't cutting it.