Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Kelly!
Since I just bragged about you last week, I won't do it again, but I hope you
have a glorious day and get to spend it doing all the things you like with all of those you love.
Unfortunately, if you ask her son, she's only one step closer to death.
Love you!
(You too Danyelle! Have a fabulous day!)


dandee said...

I don't know Kelly, but Happy Birthday! It's a great day to be born...Katie Holmes and Brad Pitt share this day as well.

Thank you, Karen. You are a lovely friend!

Kelly said...

Thanks Karen! I've had a wonderful day...Breakfast in bed, lunch with hubby & friends, and now I know I share something in common with Brad Pitt. How can it this day get any better?

Tharker said...

Happy birthday Kelly!