Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Kicking Laziness To The Curb, Or At Least Trying

You know those days when you wake up and feel ready to conquer the million things you have to do? But then you get sidetracked, by say, some meaningless TV show, and an hour and a half later you realize you've accomplished absolutely nothing?
That'd be me today.
I thought maybe if I made a list and had to be accountable, I'd get my ever-growing tush in gear.
*Finish laundry
*Sweep/Mop kitchen floor
*Finalize Mutual stuff
*Finish Christmas cards
*Pack for weekend getaway
*Make a dinner that doesn't come from a box
*Clean bathrooms
*Put guest room together again (thanks kids!)
*Buy hairspray
Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Marilyn said...

This is what I need to do, make a list that everyone will see!

Good Luck!

Sarah said...

The last thing on your list *buy hairspray cracked me up. Because no matter how many chores us mom's have on our plate, we always want to have good hair. Writing a list always helps me too, good luck!

PRP said...

You should see my's horrifying. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for that one.

Tharker said...

You need to call Megan, stat!!! Not that I've actually seen your hair, but if it's as horrifying as you say, I'm sure she'll help ya out!

Melissa said...

Maybe I need to make lists... does it help? I'm curious... I'm afraid that if I made a list it would get lost in one of my many paper piles...
Good luck :)

Nan said...

make something for dinner that doesn't come from a box? At least you make dinner....

Kelly said...

I don't think finishing laundry is even humanly possible. Can't wait to see your smilin' face Friday!!