Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Look What Those Crazy Canadians Will Do

This past Sunday my mom, realizing it had been several days since she picked up her mail, headed out to the mailbox to retrieve her post. Among the bills and usual fliers that fill up her box was a Christmas card from her Uncle Harm. Not having heard from Uncle Harm in quite some time, my mom hurried inside to read his letter.

Inside she found a lovely Christmas card and a check. A check for $1000.00. Completely shocked, she called her cousin Fred who speaks to Harm regularly and asked what was going on.

Fred explained that Harm realized he was getting on in years (although he still claims to be 88 years young!) and that he wanted to give some of his money away while he still had a say in where it went. He decided this would be a good time to start and settled on sending all of his siblings children a check for $1000.00 each. Isn't that wonderful?

The idea would be daunting to some, to just give away money so freely, but what makes the story SO MUCH BETTER is that Harm is one of 17 children. And his siblings have 64 children among them, meaning that sweet Uncle Harm gave away a whopping $64,000 this Christmas. And I know he loved every minute of it.

Isn't that the best story ever? And doesn't it make you want to be as rich as Uncle Harm so you could do it too? I think this is the best example of what Christmas is about that I've seen this season.

Thanks for the reminder, Uncle Harm.


Heather said...

Wow. That would be a great Christmas surprise... I can't wait to hear how your mom continues to spread the cheer!!

Sarah said...

I would love to be able to do that someday. That's got to be a great feeling.

Nan said...

K, did i ever tell you that Im uncle Harm's great niece? Well i am. So I'll be expecting 1000.00 buckeroos in my mailbox soon?

tell Harmie "thanks".

Melissa said...

That is so awesome! Someday I'm gonna do that... and then everyone will think I'm awesome! I'm good with that :) So, what's your mom gonna do with her new found fortune? A new wardrobe maybe?? :)

Tharker said...

That is amazing! What an awesome surprise for your mom to find in the mailbox. And I think it's just so sweet of Great Uncle Harm. Amazing...simply amazing.

Marilyn said...

What an amazing man! Great story!

Nan, you're hilarious!

Kelly said...

Crazy Canuck! And I mean crazy in a good way. Your mom is bound to have a Merry Christmas for sure.

Brooklet said...

That is COOL! I bet he had himself a good ol' time writing out those checks and imagining 64 reactions of suprise!