Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not Nearly As Good As Last Wednesday

Did you know that there is something worse that jeans straight from the drier?

There is.

Maternity jeans straight from the drier. Yikes. I've been walking funny all morning.

To cheer myself up, I took yucky-nosed Sienna to the store to by a new bra. I know, I know, not exactly the BEST way to cheer oneself up but it. was. time.

Before Heather and I went to the movie the other night, she came to my house and we watched "How To Look Good Naked." (Have any of you watched it yet?) The "undergarment expert" mentioned that there should be a one inch space between, ahem, your bosoms. Heather and I both looked down and realized this was not the case. Since the Lord gave liberally to both Heather and I in this regard, we reasoned that it was time to move the ladies into a new home.

Which is why I was crammed into a dressing room this morning up to my eyeballs in all things white and lacy with Squish, who decided to give the rest of the store a play-by-play as to what I was doing.

"Wow, Mama, your bell-wee sure is getting big!"
"Why your boobies all smashy like that?"
"Why you have stripes on your big, huge bell-wee?"
"Dat looks bootiful Mama!"
"Dat don't look right Mama. It's too smashy."
"How many babies in your big, huge bell-wee Mama?"

Luckily, it takes quite a bit to embarrass me, although I did feel the pink creep into my cheeks a time or two. But our trip was successful so I am hugely relieved that I won't have to do that again for awhile. Or at least not with Squish.

Your turn, Heather. Want me to watch Brynners?


Shayla said...

Ugh, it's bad enough going bra shopping when you're not pregnant, you're a brave, brave girl. :-) Love the too funny play-by-play from Sienna. It sounds oh-too-familiar to some of my own expeditions in a dressing room with a child. :-)

Ms. Kristen said...

Was the bra shopping after or before bringing the treat? You are brave! I would be out of breath after trying on bras! Very immpressive!
I found the extra frosting on the table! I will save it for Friday for Hannah to take home! Thanks! It was a yummy snack!

Heather said...

Uhhh.... yeah unless you want Brynners plus 3 or 4 extra you better hold on to your offer. BUT someday soon.

Kelly said...

Hmmm...Don't you yearn for the days when Sienna could only say "Dooga"?

Kris said...

Love what kids can say in a dressing room to embarrass us! The other day a kid came to our house. Sydnee asked, "I've never seen this kid before. I don't know if it's a boy or a girl." I just about died. Yeah, and I know he heard it, cuz he was standing right next to her. EMBARRASSING!!!

Sarah said...

Good times with the little ones. Nothing is ever private when kids are around.

Brooklet said...

Oh, that is so funny, I was laughing hard at Sienna's commentary.
I personally love it in public places when either Cody or I go to the restroom, Claire has to shout out to us, "Mommy, do you have to go poo poos or pee pees?" Thanks for alerting everyone in a 50 ft radius.

Movie Queen said...

Oh, this post and it's comments have totally made me laugh. I LOVE hearing about the funny things kids say, just being honest. My kids always point at men with long hair and say "Is that a girl or a boy?" LOUDLY, or a masculine looking woman...
I got such a kick out of Sienna's commentary. So funny. Oh, and after I commented that I needed to watch that "Naked" show, I realized about A WEEK later that I don't have cable. Yeah, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Nicole said...

OK, so where did you go to find your new home for the girls? I just said to myself this morning it's time for a new bra or two.

Sienna is hilarious!!! AWESOME.

Anyway, I did watch an episode, and it was really good. But, the girl I watched was beautiful, she just had a big chest - so not so relatable, but I am a fan. It was so good!

Marilyn said...

Karen, this is exactly why I love your blog. You are so hilarious, and your kids take after their mom. So funny.

dandee said...

Ugh. Bra shopping. Don't like it. Never have. At least you had a little comic relief in the process!

Tharker said...

Love that Squish...and I mean your sweet little girl, not your "girls".

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

You are very brave. I just went and did the same thing last week but,I went alone. Loved the play by play! I had to read it twice because it was so cute.

hatch said...

I know I can always come here for a good laugh!

Jan said...

Funny stuff. I hate bras. I want to open a shop for endowed women and call it "Bravo". As in-finally a bra that fits and works.
I "support" your effort. Your daughter sounds adorable. When she said bell-wee, the question came to mind. Does Karen's bell-wee swing back and forth and go ding dang?

Lindsay said...

I hate bra shopping, for opposite reasons than you though!

I'm sure you gave the sales people {if they happened to walk by} something entertaining to listen to do during their monotonous day of working.

debsters said...

You're pregnant! congratulations! You are hilarious, I love reading your blog. I used to work in the bra section at a store and used to dread people coming in to get "fit." Did you ever see that Oprah episode about bras? A real eye opener.

Jessica said...

I am dying laughing, this was too funny! When ever we walk past the bra section, my poor child always wants to wear them on his head. He is convinced they are hats!

Kelly said...

Nolan always pokes them as he walks by. And he also loves to call them over the shoulder boulder holders.

Nick likes to refer to them as double barreled sling shots.

Gotta just love 9 and 11 year old boys!

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Melissa said...

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Only an inch apart? What if you are VERY small in size?? I can't even imagine getting my... um... bosoms that close :( I think it would hurt and make me look kind of off balance... maybe I need to go on this show you keep talking about...