Wednesday, January 16, 2008

That's What Friends Are For

Last night, as I was slumbering away, my cell phone rang at 10:30 and again at 10:33. Worried that someone's house was on fire or something, I made Brad go retrieve my phone downstairs so I could find out what was going on and get ready to battle the next tragedy.

It was Michele.

She couldn't sleep.

She was so upset that I had "yelled" at her during my last post and was both upset and laughing hysterically. She was so worried, even remarking at one point that she "didn't want to lose my friendship over this." She said this while laughing but actually sounded worried about it. I reassured her that she was stuck with me to the end and there isn't anything she could do that would make me walk away from her. I've never heard her in such a state and while we were both laughing hysterically, there was real concern in her voice, which only made me laugh more.

We later discovered that she's pre-menstrual. Um, yeah.

This is the thing with our friendship-we have always been brutally honest with one another and can say anything, always knowing that we are safe in our love and friendship. And Michele has remarked to me more than once that she loves commenting on my blog, trying to get a rise out of me and my conservative friends. She knows my friends here. She loves them. But she's always looking to say the thing that hasn't yet been said. And I love her for it.

She has also, as long as we've been friends, been extremely frustrated with me whenever I spout off about my weight. And she's right. Her motto is "stop complaining and do something about it!" But as I explained to her late last night, my review of the show wasn't about my personal battle or my body issues; I really just thought it was a fun show. Which she now knows. We had a good laugh at the whole thing.

So to you, my brief blogging audience, I officially apologize for the use of the word "piss" and want to make known that I adore Michele completely as she does me. And for the record, don't ever take anything I say on this blog seriously!

Love you Mich!


Heather said...

That was a good interchange between you two. I can't tell how I would have taken it had I seen it before this post... I guess we'll never know.

Nicole said...

You guys are too funny. I thought your exchange was quite humorous - and I love Michele for getting you all riled up.

Marilyn said...

I had to go back and read that exchange. Good thing she's a true friend and really understands who you are. That's worth a lot!

Melissa said...

Well, at least she called and cleared it up instead of fretting over it... which is what I would have done :)

Sarah said...

That is so good that you guys can talk things out like that and have a good laugh at the end.

Erica said...

Well, now I'm going to piss (oops!) you both off just for fun to say that the whole exchange reminded me of what happens between my students because of myspace. Hee-hee. I love you both!

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

Karen I came across your site through Kristen Hatch's and I thought I would drop you a line. I hope you don't mind. I am so excited to hear you are having another baby! I feel like I live on the other side of the world sometimes so I don't hear anything until after the fact. So, here is a belated congrats to ya. And you are hilarious I have really enjoyed browsing through your site. You just crack me up. Stop in and say hey sometime if you get a sec. I would love to hear from you.
-Niki Rimmasch

Movie Queen said...

I hadn't seen it either until this post, of course I had to go back and read, and first I have to say that Karen, I would not have blinked one eyelash at you saying "piss." You're hilarious. And I love reading your friends' comments. They're so brutally honest and funny, exactly my kind of humor. And it's so clear how close you all are. I love it. Keep it coming.

Movie Queen said...

Oh and can I just say how much I love your playlist? You have great taste in music.

Tharker said...

Puh-lease. I hear you say piss at least 5 times a day. Just kidding. But clearly, I wasn't affected either by your use of the word.

As I was reading, I thought how similar Michele and I are. I would have done the same thing. Oh wait, I many times did I call you on Tuesday? Yeah. Sorry about that ;)

PRP said...

Do I really say piss five times A DAY????

I'm so ashamed.

A challenge to you all-when you hear me use that vile word, point it out and I will pay money to the swimming pool fund.

We'll be swimming in no time.

Tharker said...

No you really don't say it 5 times a day. I was just teasing. But I will certainly be happy to point it out to you when you do say it because a pool for you means swimming for me! Yeah. I said that. I know, I'm shameless.