Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This Too Shall Pass?

Dear Bizradicus,

My dear, sweet, loving husband, where do I even begin? I know you've been working like a dog for months now, what with being the head of the department, coaching tennis, finishing your National Board program and being an all around stellar father and husband, but there are a few things I need your help with:

Um, the dryer is broken. Again.

And the painting in our room needs to be finished. The doc vetoed me doing anymore.

Uh, the baby's room and all that entails. So sorry about that.

And of course the fence. Needs to be built.

The pool and all that stuff.

Landscaping. A few shrubs here and there would be nice.

The raising of Sienna would really help me out since she and I are currently locked in a battle with no end in sight.

And I'd love a back rub. Sometime.

Other than that, I think we're good. I know you've been leaving the house every morning before seven and returning around nine, so I've scheduled some work time for you between 2 and 5 a.m. You can get by on little sleep, right?

Thanks Bug. You're the best. And I mean that completely.



Tharker said...

Now if that letter does not spell out true love, I just don't know what does! Love it!

Jan said...

Karen, I can feel the love and respect you carry for your man. I know its hard to get it all done when they are gone so much, but I think you sound so supportive. Do you want me to come and help. The fence would be crooked, but I can paint.

emahaf said...

I feel for you, we bought a garage door opener at least 3 months ago and it is open but not out of the box. and I have about 9 million other to do things that poor kim is going to try and squeeze in during spring break. best of luck with the honey do list.

Movie Queen said...

That is the story of my life! I've had a honeydo list a mile long and a hubby who works full-time and goes to school full-time and, ya know, likes to spend time with his kids and all. It's weird, that changing the light bulbs aren't a priority for him. :)

Sarah said...

Boy, I can sympathize with you on this one. All of the little things seem to pile up until you have one big to-do list waiting for you. I love your sense of humor about it though.

Kris said...

Karen, having so much to do, while being pregnant is such a horrible feeling. You are such a trooper with Brad being gone so much! I really feel like you handle things so well! Hang in there. We as your friends can help! When can I come and finish painting the room?

debsters said...

And when that list is complete they'll be a whole new list to work on. It NEVER ends, it's so difficult to catch up. Good Luck Brad!

Heather said...

Wow... fun list!

Nicole said...

well, if anyone can do all that, it's Brad! I know you are tempted to do all that you can, but remember what Dr. T. told you. SIT! Or better yet, LAY!

And let me know if I can help.

vwbabe said...


what are you on bedrest for?? Hope all is ok. Jen

Donald, Lisa, and Co. said...

There were so many people that I met at the luncheon that I'm afraid that I don't remember everyone. But it's nice to meet you now! Thanks for the comment and thanks for the encouraging info about the program. We are so excited!! Is your child at Hawthorne or Edison??? Alexandra will be at Hawthorne.

PRP said...


Spence is at Maya Angelou....