Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another Day, Another Lesson In Humiliation From The General Public

This morning at Target as I'm buckling Sienna into her car seat, this old lady sees me and shouts from across the parking lot:

"twins or triplets???"

When I politely chuckle and shout back that there is only one, she comes running over all concerned.

"Are you sure?"

"Sometimes they don't know until delivery"

"My cousin Ida Mae ended up with twins, but that was back in....blah, blah, blah."

This is where I tuned out.

Although this has been a refrain I have heard approximately 8,542 times in the last two months, for some reason, this old lady really got to me this morning and I wanted to throw her to the ground. But since that's not what Jesus would do, I simply smiled and got in my car. And she was still trying to talk to me about cord blood banking and the benefits vs costs and blah, blah, blah which strangely made me want to throw her to the ground EVEN HARDER. I think I have officially snapped.

So as I make my plea for induction to Dr. T tomorrow, I thought I would include this little tale. That I am now so miserable that I want to inflict bodily harm on the elderly. No one is safe from my wrath. Think he'll go for it?


tharker said...

Someone please protect the aged from Karen! Get her into a delivery room stat!

heeheee ;)

I cannot believe the nerve of this woman. Really. People are stupid.

Jan said...

I will google induction immediately. This calls for some "Relief" Society Sisterhood. We can do anything right. If he isn't willing, I know a few good women that would be up for the try. If not, I am praying for you BIG time tonight.

The big was not intended to be like the elderlys big. I am not in the mood for violence today.

Hugs to you Karen.

Ms. Kristen said...

Cry and sob to your doctor! It works! They are suckers when it comes to tears!
Good luck to you Karen!
I am bringing over my "oil" drink to get labor started!

Kris said...

I was asked by random people, if I was having twins with all three of my pregnancies. Someone once asked me at 20 weeks. Seriously, I feel your pain. I'm so sorry. Good Luck tomorrow. I hope you get an induction date soon!

Heather said...

Yes, he'll go for it. Because you are his 2nd favorite patient, right after me.

Sarah said...

Try some rhubarb, it worked for me with Kendle. It's so hard when people say stupid things to you, especially random strangers that are just nosy. Everyone wants to put their two cents in it seems like. I don't think you look that big, my sister-in-law had twins and you could definitely tell with her. I hope your doctor helps you out.

Kelly said...

The saying, "older and wiser" doesn't seem to apply to that particular woman now does it?

I agree with Ms. Kristen...you need to sob your heart out to the Dr. tomorrow, and be sure to mention ALL of your crazy symptoms and stories, and then sob some more. He'll have you induced ASAP.

Good luck and keep us updated!

polka dots said...

Dear Karen,
I am getting plenty of my own comments. Along the lines of: "What?!! 5 more weeks. I thought 5 days. You are ready to pop."
Just promise me when you are holding and cuddling your newborn, you will think of me big and huge.


Michele said...

Wouldn't you just crap your pants if you did end up having twins?! Hang in there...some people just don't have filters. Mass love

Movie Queen said...

When I was only like 20 some weeks with Macy a lady asked me how much longer I had and when I told her she said, "Well, you might want to buy a new shirt." I wanted to punch her in the face. Why are people so stupid sometimes? I'm so sorry for you.

Kelly said...

If it makes you feel any better, my 5 year old nephew asked me if I was having a baby just yesterday.

See... I told you it's about time I lost my "baby" weight now that Nolan is 9 years old.

Now I gotta go and do some stomach crunches... :(

sunurbuns said...

My Beloved Karen,

Your definately special, cause it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to post a comment on this D--- blog.

I just have to say, you make me laugh, you always have, I still remember sitting in our apartment in Wahl 11 years ago, we laughed our butts off all night.

Every time I read your blog, I laugh and love you even more.
Unfortunately at this point, it's at your expense.

I do have to say though, like 7 months ago, when I was in labor, during a contraction, you told me you were pregnant...... I of coarse congratulated you, but thought, what in the H--- is she thinking.

Hang in there, it's almost over, and before you know it, that precious little guy will be in your arms.....and all you have to deal with is sleepless nights, sore crotch, painfull boobs, and a screaming baby. It's so amazing and wonderful.
Love ya girl.