Monday, May 19, 2008


* A few weeks ago we had Spencer's birthday party. Imagine the cutest Mariner's baseball cake EVER (thanks to the amazing help of Heather) since all of the pictures are on my mom's camera and my email is still blocking all her incoming messages. He had a blast.

*A little less than a few weeks ago was Spencer's baptism. It was perfect, and at only a half hour long, it was delightful. He was given his own set of scriptures by me and Brad and now spends his free time reading, because "it's important mom." He started at Genesis, Chapter 1. Good luck, buddy. If I can figure out how to load the video I made of him, I will post it. It is priceless.

*Last week I cried on Dr. T's shoulder as he tried to A) reduce the umbilical hernia that is back and making me want to shoot myself and B) told me to wait until my next appointment for an induction date. His advice to me was, shockingly, bed rest, and I told him that as long as I could keep carpooling, making my kids food, keeping up the house, and being all around MOM, I would go on bed rest. It's working out real well for me. The good news with the hernia is that it's too late for me to have surgery on it which is what happened in my seventh month of pregnancy with Hannah. The bad news is that it's too late for me to have surgery on it which is what happened in my seventh month of pregnancy with Hannah and RELIEVED ALL THE PAIN. He asked me to describe the pain and I told him it felt like someone was holding a lit match to my stomach around the clock. Yeah, it's a doozer.

*This morning I got my hair done by the amazing Megan and while I was hoping it would make me look a whole lot better, it really only made my hair look a whole lot better. The rest of me is still beyond repair.

*Pool construction is under way. Hooray!

*My dear friend Kelly comes the end of this week to wait on me hand and foot and I'm so excited to see her smiling face I can hardly stand it.

*Oops, carpooling duty calls. Better hop up off bed rest!


Shayla said...

Karen, it perplexes me that you can't get email from your Mom. You should be able to change something in your email settings to tell it to allow her email messages to get through. What email program do you use? Sorry to be such a computer geek and worry about your email...but that is me. :-) Call or email me if you need some help...or shoot, if you just want to ditch your email address and go with Gmail (you'd be happy, I swear). :-) Glad you're getting a friend to come help with that bed rest stuff, that is exactly what a girl needs!

Ms. Kristen said...

I am going to sneek some help in were I can! And you can't stop me!

Kelly said...

Oh... You poor thing. I'm so sorry you're in such agony. I think that little boy needs to enter this world within the next couple weeks.
Can't wait to see you, your home, your family, etc. etc... I'll have food and swim suit in tow!

See you Thursday!

Kris said...

How great that your friend gets to come. How fun for the both of you. Spencer's Baptism was truly wonderful, and that video was priceless. How fun that you guys are getting a pool! That's very exciting. Hang in there Karen. Good Luck these last few weeks!

debsters said...

Don't worry, with me as a patient, Dr. T is used to a little emotion:) I know I've said this before but I've loved watching your pregnancy countdown, you are so close.

Half hour baptism, there really isn't any need for anything longer. Spencer is motivated to read his scriptures: that's fantastic. Take care.

Jan said...

Good for Spencer. I still can't believe he is that old.

This is like slow motion for you right now I bet. Oh so close though. This weekend will make it go by better. And now a pool with the double walk in fridge? How lucky can a girl get. You have a lot to look forward to after all this.

Heather said...

OH man.... someone needs to tell baby J to knock if off. I'll do it. :)

Sarah said...

I think some of the sweetest babies are the hardest to get here. Maybe that little guy is so excited to come be part of your family he's causing all sorts of turmoil inside you. I know it gets old to hear people telling you to hang in there, you are a warrior.

lindsay>boo said...

So awesome that your friend Kelly is coming to visit/pamper you. Maybe once your pool is in, it will help you feel better.