Friday, June 06, 2008


Last night was Hannah's preschool graduation which was held here at our home. Brad, Kristen, Stacia and Kelly transformed the house to make room for as many people as we could and I'm happy to report that the house did great! Who knew we could fit 75+ people in here!

Hannah was so excited for the big day. She loved having her great teachers here in our house getting ready and showing them all of her stuff. And she loved getting ready even more. Here is our gorgeous graduate:

We had all the graduates gather upstairs to make their grand entrance. They looked so sweet coming into the room! The many cameras and video cameras in the room tried to capture every moment. I love seeing kids with a look of pride in their eyes. They were adorable!

The kids sang three songs for us which were adorable and they were very well behaved. We clearly maxed capacity of this house but no one complained and everyone enjoyed the program.

After the program, we enjoyed a feast of treats and the most adorable cake and cupcakes EVER made by the amazing Heather and Katie. They were a HUGE hit and the kids loved the zoo theme to go along with the zoo phonics they've been learning all year.

Stacia and Kelly made a wonderful video from all the fun events of the school year which everyone loved and brought tears to most of the parent's eyes. Thanks for creating such a great keepsake!

Overall, the night was a great success and I'm so glad we were able to provide a place to hold such a celebration, although I think Kristen may need more room next year! Thanks to everyone who helped set up and clean up. And congrats to all those adorable graduates!


Kelly said...

Wow! That's a full house! Sounds like you had a wonderful evening and Hannah is just so bloomin' cute in her polka dot dress.

Congratulations Hannah!!

Jessica said...

You have such a beautiful home, I am so glad that I got to see it! The night was so fun and well put together, hard to believe preschool is over already!!

Kris said...

What a great event. I bet it was fun having everyone in your home. The kids look fantastic.

How are you feeling? What's the baby status these days?

Jan said...

That is so awesome. They went all out for the kids. Gotta love that.
Congrats to them all.

Almost there Karen...

Sara said...

Wow, this looks like it was an amazing event for everyone involved. Congrats Hannah.

polka dots said...

How fun. On to bigger and better. Sra. Hannan here she comes!

tharker said...

I'm so impressed with how many people you could fit in your house!

Congrats Hannah!

Ms. Kristen said...

Ive been laying around all day! Ahhhh! Feels good! But....can't do that everyday! I will be getting ready for next year!
Thanks so much for the great hospitality! Your home is beautiful! I can never repay you for doing this the very last week of your pregnancy! You look fabulous and ready to give birth! Only you would insist on having 80 people in your home! It turned out great...and the kids had a ball outside! Thanks again!
By the sweet labs at the rest of the yummy zebra cake! I am so mad!

Sarah said...

It looks like a great time, pre-school graduations are so fun and happy. You're a rockstar for hosting only a couple of days before you're due date! How are you feeling?

debsters said...

That looks like quite the party. I can just imagine how special each child felt.

You're an angel to hold that in your home so close to baby day. It is always fun to have a party!!