Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My 6

I've been tagged to describe my life in six words so here goes:

1. Complete

2. Blessed

3. Loving

4. Fun

5. Hopeful

6. Joyous

That may be too much optimism even for me, but life is truly wonderful at the moment and I'm relishing every second.

I tag Kelly, since everyone else has been tagged!


tharker said...

Eat up the optimism Karen, especially since Mastitis Monday is over!

Your list was great and anyone who knows you at all will agree with every single word.

Kelly said...

"life is truly wonderful" made me SMILE! I'm so happy for you and this life you've been blessed to experience.

Sarah said...

I like that you included joyous as one of your words. You are a glass half-full type of gal, great list.