Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Family NIght With The Johnsons

(A tale of three kid's perpsectives)

For family night, we decided to take the kids on a hike. Spence has been asking for quite some time and since the weather was perfect, we headed out. Here's how it went:

Spence: "Wow, it sure is pretty outside tonight!"

Hannah: "The sun's in my eyes..."

Spence: "I love how when I run fast, I feel like I'm flying!"

Hannah: "I have a rock in my shoe..."

Spence: "Come on Squish! Race you to the next tree!"

Sienna: "I'm coming big brother!"

Hannah: "I'm too tired to race..."

Spence: "Mom and dad, thanks so much for bringing us hiking!"

Hannah: "Can someone go get the car?"

Spence: "I love it out here! I could spend forever outside!"

Hannah: "Great! Now I have grass on my legs..."

Sienna: "I'm coming big brother!"

Spence: "Should we look for treasure? That would be so fun!"

Hannah: "Are we almost done yet? I'm sooooo tired and I just want to sit down..."

Spence: "Did you see this cool rock I just found? It looks like a moon rock!"

Hannah: "If we don't finish this dumb hike soon, I may starting shoving twigs in my eyeballs..."

Sienna: "I'm coming big brother!"

Spence: "Look at the sun! Isn't it beautiful?"

Hannah: "Can you see the car yet? Can someone please carry me? If I keep whining in this annoying voice will you really leave me here? I'm so bored. I'm so tired."

On and on it went. At least some of us managed to have fun...


Heather said...

Hannah is so funny. I'm glad Spence enjoyed the outside time.

Dandee said...

It's amazing the differences in personality within one single family.

The weather yesterday was perfect. A hike is a great way to spend FHE.

Kelly said...

Love it. Are they really related? Spencer is awesome, Hannah is such a diva, and I love how Sienna seems to idolize Spence. And the photo of Brad strolling with the four kids is so sweet.

Sarah said...

Spencer is such an upbeat kid. Your narrative cracked me up, especially the twigs in the eyeballs part. Fun times!

stylist to the stars said...

Been there and done that.
Fun Times :)

Ms. Kristen said...

Delightful Hannah! She was in her exhasted mood again, huh?

AOlson said...

Did Sienna ever catch up to Spence? What a sweet little family you have!!

Jacob and Annette Rose said...

That is hilarious! I love the play by play. I wish I remembered cute things like that more clearly...

tharker said...

I can imagine each of them as this played out, and it's just as great in my imagination! Such sweet kids.

And let me guess, sweet Austin was snoozing away being the angel baby that he always is right?

debsters said...

That is too funny, and cute too. I was Hannah as a kid. My dad used to have to go and get the car so I didnt have to walk far.
Maybe Hannah is a city girl rather than a nature girl.

The Neff Family said...

Looooooooooove it!

Anonymous said...

I told you hannah was exactly like me as a kid! what a stud. she can even answer your phone! haha