Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kindergarten Is Exhausting

Last night, while working on a massive project in the den (details to come) I heard the pitter patter of little feet out in the kitchen.  Chairs where being pushed about and someone was muttering angrily to themselves.

I peaked around the corner of the kitchen to find Hannah crouched down by the kitchen table with her panties around her ankles.  

"Hannah, sweetie, what are you doing?"

"I'm trying to go to the bathroom but I have too much stuff in my hands!" she replied angrily.

Both hands, completely empty.  

I tried not to giggle as I ushered her into the bathroom, where she stood perplexed for a moment because she could not figure out how to get on the potty with her hands full of so much stuff.  

She finished her business and marched back to bed, all the while cursing the fact the I was making her carry things all about the house.  

I love sleepy babes.  


Kris said...

Tyler walks around in his sleep too. He gets really mad. Almost like night terrors. It is funny to see them acting that way, and then when you ask them about it in the morning, they don't remember a thing.

melanie said...

I have had many laughs thanks to my sleep walking son. Recently he came in, completely asleep, and told me he couldn't sleep. When he was little, he used go to the fridge, get a Mountain Dew and we would find him the next morning in the the corner with empty cans sound asleep.

AOlson said...

Jacob was my "sleepwalker". Not so much anymore, but when he was like 5 I think he would end up in the kitchen with his pants around his ankles like every night. I slept lightly for a while so I could run to the rescue to direct him to the bathroom.

I agree, though, that kindergarten IS exhausting. Kayla has been so tired lately that she askes if she can go to bed early!

Marilyn said...

Oooh, I love this story. And sleepy babes.

tharker said...

This is so funny, and I can picture every single aspect of it, right down to Hannah's frustration.

Stacia said...

My sister did something similar. Sat down on the bar stool to go potty, bare bummed! Too funny!

Sarah said...

School does wear the little guys out. Especially these first few months. Too funny.

Kelly said...

Funny. I wonder what she was "carrying" all over the house?

Andre said...

This is hilarious!

Ms. Kristen said...

I did this about this age....and went to the bathroom on the chair while my mother and brother sat and laughed!

Not so Funny! oldest....slept walk until he was 11! My husband would laugh! I would say "Stop it" Not so funny!

I gotta stick up for my little sleep walkers! This isn't funny, huh, Hannah!

(Well, it is kinda funny, hee, hee!!!)