Monday, October 06, 2008

Her Glass Is Always Half Empty

Ever since Hannah started kindergarten, she has frequently commented that she doesn't have enough time with me anymore. She misses me, she never sees me, she's lonely for me. It's a very, very sweet sentiment and although I've tried my very best to give her the one-on-one she so desperately craves, I have failed.

Today, while Sienna was off on a play date, I picked Hannah up from school and told her we were headed out for a special lunch. We went to Applebee's because she loves it and found our way into a cozy booth.

I had hoped Austin would fall asleep.

He didn't.

I had hoped my low cal lunch would be yummy.

It wasn't.

I had hoped my wallet would be in the diaper bag.

It wasn't.

I had hoped to make it through lunch without Austin crying.

We didn't.

After trying unsuccessfully to nurse Austin to sleep and a trip out to the car to find my wallet, we made it out of the restaurant and went to pick up Sienna. Although our lunch wasn't perfect, I was hoping that Hannah enjoyed it and would be happy that she got to do something special.

You guessed it. She wasn't.

She cried that she didn't get to play at the fun house where Sienna had been, cried that she didn't get Top Ramen like Sienna did and cried that she didn't have any friends to play with at lunch.

Is it bedtime yet?


Amy said...

How lame! Good try though. :)

Heather said...

That's too bad. Next time drop Austin off {sure, here is fine} and go for the gusto when orderng lunch. Low-fat is totally overrated.

tharker said...

I think the funniest part is that she wanted the Top Ramen that Sienna ate. Hilarious!

lindsay>boo said...

Jared had one of those low-cal lunches from there and came home very GRUMPY.

Sorry about the bad day. It is uber-frustrating when you try to do something really fun for your kids and it doesn't work out like you expect.

Kelly said...

Sometimes you just can't win. What is it with kids and Top Ramen? Nick LOVES that stuff.

Megan said...

somtimes you can't win for losin'..

those times are no fun--sorry

Sarah said...

I think it's the age. Kudos to you for trying though!

polka dots said...

You are a good Mom PRP. She will tell you that someday. Right?

Andre said...

You gotta love little girl's emotions.
(Your baby is cute.)