Thursday, January 29, 2009

Twelve Posts Crammed Into One

I'm. so. behind.

Behind in blogging, behind in reading with my kids, behind, behind, behind. Will I ever complete this race to catch up?

I'm exhausted.

I've missed so much in my absence from posting, and it's weird to me. Weird how my perspective on blogging has changed from merely being a fun outlet for mama to becoming a full fledged family journal. When I don't take the time to put pen to page (or finger to keyboard in this case) I feel a sense of urgency like I'm so worried about journaling what's going on that I'm often forgetting to enjoy what's going on.

Another nail in the busy mama's coffin.

I told myself in my negotiations at the start of the year that I would work on posting more regularly so that if, and when, this little bloggy becomes a Blurb for my kids, there will be a nice amount of fluidity and consistency to it. Unlike their scrapbooks which are in complete disarray and cover the first year of their life and then abruptly stop, this blog was for all intents and purposes supposed to be a daily look at the workings of family life here in P-town. For all intents and purposes. Somewhere along the way, between cleaning out the pantry and making my 27th trip up the stairs, my all intents and purposes went flying out my not-so-clean windows.

To make myself feel better, here's a recap of what we've been up to:

::The little babe that could became a 7-month-old love bug. I don't know how it happened, but he has morphed into a wittle man (as the kids call him) that is the center of our universe. He is smiley and rolley and chubby and dreamy. We are all completely taken by him. He has started to giggle and tonight, for the very first time, real tears rolled down his cheeks as I was delayed in getting him his dinner. He is following in the footsteps of, well, the entire family with his voracious appetite. He is 20 lbs of perfection and I can't believe his birthday is right around the corner. Kind of.

::Spence participated in his first pine wood derby and loved. every. second. Thanks to the stickler for details that his his dad, his car weighed in perfectly since daddy had brought home a chemistry scale from school to make sure they were spot on. He was so proud of his car, proud that he won 5 different races, proud that he paid homage to his favorite team, and proud that he is still skinny enough to pull his pants up to his nipples. Seriously. What is it with that boy? Belt cinched as tight as it will go, pants serving as a boy-bra, ankles clearly showing. He may struggle as a fashion plate but that kid still has a heart of gold. And the dimples? Seriously.

::Hannah is thriving! After many a battle about, well, her personality in general, I am happy to report that my oldest daughter is making huge strides in becoming likable! She has learned some tough lessons in the past few months but the results are amazing and I am so proud of her. She has matured and grown in leaps and bounds and our time together is a lot more fun. She has finally figured out how to share her adorable heart with everyone and not just a select few and it makes me so happy to see. She has been asked to join an invitation-only gymnastics team which is so exciting for her. My dreams of her becoming a ballet dancer have officially been sidelined as her hind quarters dominate the gymnastics mat. Baby. Got. Back. But it's working for her and she's loving every second of it.

::Sienna is following in Hannah's footsteps which is both good and bad. Good because she is learning her life lessons a bit quicker than Hannah but bad because she seems determined to make me work for it just as hard. She has found her voice and independence and likes to use both in complete contradiction to whatever I'm saying/doing/asking. At the same time, she continues to be the best big sister to Austin and still loves me most of all which warms my heart. She is lovable and sweet and is such a beautiful girl.

::The Rizz is the same as always. Best husband, best father, completely chill, lovin' life.

::As for me, I am pooped. I'm making a serious effort to slow down and enjoy the life we've created but I admit it's hard. My determination to have things in complete control at all times has often forced me to loose control of what's most important and I'm desperately trying to change that. I'm spending more time in the moment and less time getting to the next moment and I think everyone has noticed. I'm still being compulsively anal about random things but luckily, the kids don't know any different. My latest kick has been complete cleaning and organization of all closets and under-sink areas and I often open them up just because it makes me feel so good. The pantry is in tip top shape after today and I'm officially giving myself the weekend off. People, remember? Not things.

(Photo courtesy of Squish)

Here's to February. Here's to slowing down, posting more, and feeling the pressure less. Can't wait.


Amy said...

Wow, you are so busy. And so amazing. An organized pantry?? That is on my to do list, too. Sometime this century. Maybe. You have such adorable kids!

Alicia said...

I think this post was for me, right? Okay, well, the people like me who don't get to see your family anymore and desperately needed an update just like this. I loved it. Thanks.

Lisa said...

Great post! I think we all need to slow down and enjoy this motherhood thing a little more :)

tharker said...

Did Matt take that picture of Sienna? Because....seriously!!! It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

So maybe Spencer likes his jeans tucked nicely under his armpits...and that's okay because he really is one of the most kind, most compassionate, and most tender hearted boys that I know. And yeah. Those dimples are TO. DIE. FOR.

I'm so glad that things are going well with Hannah. I love that girl, spunkiness and all!!

Austin, Austin, Austin. I could eat up all 20 lbs. of that boy!!

Love you. Love B-rad. Love your family!! Here's to a slower life. (okay that's never going to happen, but we can dream right?)

lindsay>boo said...

I agree, that photo of Sienna is awesome.

I'm glad you slowed down for a minute to do this update. Your family is great!

Sarah said...

That was a great update! Your family is so fun and all of the kids are so cute. Your comments about Spencer's pants crack me up. He is just so gangly. I can totally relate - I had a huge growth spurt in junior high and everyone called me "sticks". He is such a good boy. Glad he had fun at the derby with his car. That is so cool about Hannah and gymnastics too. I love to watch gymnastics.

Sarah said...
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AOlson said...

I too love that photo of Sienna. So adorable.

I remember when Kayla was invited to the invitation only class. I was so excited. I too had dreams of her dancing but she is determined to be a gymnast, and she is a good one at that!! When and where do you take Hannah, Kayla would like to know:)

Jacob really wanted to see a picture of Spences' car. Wasn't it so fun to watch them get so excited!!

Thanks for the update!! You are so good at this whole blogging thing!!

Marilyn said...

That picture of Sienna! Oh my goodness, she is a cutie.

I love the updates, after all, that is one of the biggest benefits of blogging is to record our lives, and share with our loved ones the happenings of our life.

"Quirky" said...

Take out a couple bedrooms, one sink, and two kids, but then add a full-time job (which equates to 140 other children with whom to concern myself), and it's no wonder I'm a similar kind of mental case!

Spencer's Fan Club said...

The Sandifer boys hereby request:
1) a picture of Spence's awesome derby-winning car.
2) a picture of Spence wearing the afore-mentioned pants.

Thank you!

Kelly said...

Wow, I knew my boys really liked Spencer... But they hadn't told me about his fan club. :)

Karen, you are amazing in every way. Connor taught me a phrase early on in my motherhood that I use frequently. "Be here now." Basically, it means when you feel crazed and pulled in every direction to just stop, and live in the moment. For me it means to simplify...let the daily chores and headaches disappear and concentrate on being with my family. Because that's truly what is important.

Thanks for the updates on your beautiful family. I love each and every one of them.

Have a wonderful weekend off!!

PRP said...

My dad took that picture of Sienna on Christmas. Isn't it amazing?

Kelly said...

Yes I absolutely love it. Her eyes are so strikingly beautiful.

The Neff Family said...

LOVE the photo of Sienna!!!
Oh, yeah one more thing, RELAX!

Annette Rose said...

You are way more on the ball with blogging then I ever feel like I am. I love your blog. And your family is beautiful! That baby! Man! He is so stinkin cute and I can't believe how big he his. Time flies, huh?

meohmyers said...

Such a cute family. Great update! Loved it! I think we can all relate to the idea of living in the moment. Great reminder.

Stan said...

I love the picture of Brad he such a big boy. His cute chubby cheeks and his pants hiked up to his nipples. Thats were Spencer gets it or maybe from grandpa.

Jeremy said...

Hey that was a great picture of my Dad and Brynnlee on your blog.

hatch said...

This is a great update. Your kids are so cute. Heres to a good weekend and a clean pantry!

Dandee said...

SO good to hear all the goings in the J household. And it was so nice visiting with you on Saturday.

Here's to slowing down and savoring these precious moments we've been blessed with.