Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome 2009

This year I plan to:

:make more time for myself
:continue my commitment to health
:enjoy every second of Austin's life as the final babe in our home
:spend more time nurturing Hannah instead of correcting her
:date my husband much more frequently
:mold Spence into a young man of character
:record the stories of Sienna
:love the skin I'm in and all it does for me
:be a more polished version of myself

Can't wait to see what the year brings...


tharker said...

Perfect list Karen. I hope that you are able to see that beautiful, wonderful and kind person that all of us see when we look at you.

I love ya!

Kelly said...

Happy New year!

Annette Rose said...

Love the new blog look! Happy New Year... Add one more thing to that list... :I'm going to hang out with my Kennewick friends more often! Happy New Year!

Heather said...

Happy New Year! Wanna train for the Tri this year? I need a swimming buddy.

PRP said...

I'm totally in Heather! Sonja and I were talking about it last night. I'll meet you at Phyllis' a few more months.

Lauren said...

What beautiful goals.
Happy New Year, friend :)

Sara said...

Great new years goals. Keep up the hard work and enjoy all you have been blessed with. I love the new picture of your family.

stylist to the stars said...

Wonderful goals. I think you do a great job at all of them already.

Amy said...

Happy 2009!